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We're a System Integrator helping businesses streamline their digital commerce transformations.
A Luminos Labs ECommerce Framework
With over 13+ years of experience implementing dozens of complex digital commerce transformation projects, we've honed our expertise and developed Polaris, a proven asset-based framework that simplifies the process, mitigates risks, and helps businesses optimize their timeline and budget.
A screen depicting a templated list of tasks for eCommerce

Tried-and-true project process activities and deliverables to ensure a streamlined and efficient digital commerce transformation process, reducing risk and saving them valuable time and resources.

Battle-tested architectures, technical designs, functional specifications, and source code for eCommerce platform extensions and integrations with back-office and 3rd party systems to ensure the reliability, scalability, and flexibility of our clients' complex digital commerce ecosystems.

A screen depicting a stylized example of a Systems Architecture Diagram
A series of screens depicting different pages of an eCommerce website.

Best-practice UX/UI components as starting points for customers' journeys and user experience. This helps our clients create a personalized experience for their customers that meets their unique needs and expectations and drives customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Complex B2B and B2C eCommerce implementation projects over 12+ years
eCommerce integrations from legacy and highly customized ERPs to simple analytics plugins.
eCommerce engineers, designers, and analysts. Big enough to deliver; small enough to care.