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At Luminos Labs, we understand that digital commerce transformation projects can be complex and challenging for businesses. That's why we developed Polaris, a proven asset-based framework that streamlines the process, mitigates risks, and helps your business optimize timeline and budget.
A Luminos Labs ECommerce Framework
With over 13 years of experience implementing dozens of complex digital commerce transformation projects, we've honed our expertise
and developed a framework for digital commerce transformation projects that delivers results.
Business Flows, Data Templates,and User Journeys
UX/UI Components and Templates
System Architecture Diagrams
Project plan templates with tasks and timelines
Source Code Repositories
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“It’s nice to have a partner that has eCommerce experience to help tidy up our site’s back-end capabilities in the best possible way.”

"In a fraction of the time it would’ve taken to develop in our previous platform, we have a Customer checkout process that fits our business needs"

"The Luminos Labs team demonstrated expertise in not only the software but also the lifestyle of utilizing the tools unlike anything else. It wasn’t just a matter of knowing; it was also the execution that was just outstanding."

Complex B2B and B2C eCommerce implementation projects over 12+ years
eCommerce integrations from legacy and highly customized ERPs to simple analytics plugins.
eCommerce engineers, designers, and analysts. Big enough to deliver; small enough to care.