Luminos Labs embraced complexity to create a one of a kind B2B2C portal serving over 30k jewelers and their customers on Episerver


Founded in 1985, Premier Designs supplies over 30,000 independent jewelers with thousands of products to the tune of $200M in annual sales. In spite of these impressive numbers, Premier is tightly focused on making a difference in the lives of stay-at-home moms and single mothers looking for supplemental income. Their philosophy has always placed people over profit, and they grow by building strong, lasting relationships with one jeweler and one customer at a time. They consider themselves a mission-driven multilevel marketing organization and hold themselves to the highest ethical standards.

When we initially met with Premier Designs, their online presence was limited to a relatively simple web brochure. It included essential information about how to work with them or find an independent jeweler carrying their products. Their marketing team was forced to leverage IT resources to make simple updates on the website, significantly limiting growth and the speed of updates. They also had a largely-abandoned partner portal filled with broken and outdated tools for their jewelers.

As a result, their jewelers were still conducting a majority of transactions with a cumbersome, paper-driven process that added unnecessary time to the sales-cycle, inhibited growth, and had a negative impact on the brand. In spite of the fact that they painstakingly redesigned and updated their product lines year after year, they had developed the look and feel of a stodgy, old-fashioned brand, with diminishing cultural relevance.

Premier Designs was ready to take the plunge on digital transformation, and they genuinely embraced the initial challenge of digitizing elaborate and inveterate offline business processes.


To meet this challenge, Luminos Labs designed and executed a comprehensive, collaborative project plan including distinct discovery, design, build, integrate, and deploy phases.

It all began with a multi-day onsite kick-off including a series of informative and interactive team-building workshops. Including everyone attached to the project on the client and solution partner side, these meetings identified risks and mitigation plans, defined KPIs, and built understanding about the capabilities of Episerver.

Following the on-site workshop, Luminos Labs conducted a deep-dive discovery to ensure complete understanding of Premier’s strategic goals and objectives and the needs of their jewelers and customers. This phase included user interviews, focus groups, and internal stakeholder interviews as well as gathering, definition, and analysis of requirements.

All of the information gathered in the kick-off and discovery was then leveraged in the next phase to produce a richly complex experience design for both users and customers, as well as detailed technical specifications, a QA plan, and solution architecture.

During build, integration, and deploy, our global team of software engineers handled everything from the development of many custom templates in support of newly digitized business process automation in Episerver to integration with Premier’s existing technology ecosystem. Following our red-to-green agile methodology, Luminos engineers selected the features with the most difficult technical risks for the first sprint and had a working prototype for the very first biweekly client review meeting.

At Luminos Labs, testing and QA is a continuous aspect of the development process. However, we also conducted extensive QA and User Acceptance Testing before unleashing all of this newly developed technology on Premier’s tens of thousands of independent jewelers. We also prepared a richly detailed training package including documentation and videos.

Technical Integrations

To fulfill their vision of digitizing dozens of offline business processes in the management of their massive network of jewelers, Luminos Labs integrated with eight separate systems. These systems are:

  • Alliance Payment Gateway
  • Episerver Find
  • Hangfire
  • Melissa Data (Address Verification Service)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • MS Dynamics 365
  • OneSource (Taxware Integration)
  • ProPay (Payment Gateway)
  • ProtectPay
  • Redis

The Premier Designs B2B2C portal also included a custom JewelersAPI. This feature exposed endpoints to access Jewelers data housed in Episerver.

Features and Functionality

  • Features and functionality we designed and built for the Premier Designs B2B2C portal included, but was not limited to:

    Public website and jeweler personal microsites

    • Custom routing for jeweler personal microsites
    • Jeweler specific blocks with personalized data
    • Support for multiple shopping bags for the same customer
    • Episerver Azure AD login/single sign-on for employees
    • Customized discounts based on order type
    • Responsive design

    Jewelers Portal

    • Order dashboard used for searching and processing orders
    • Events dashboard used for searching, adding, and editing jeweler events
    • Personal order for jewelers functionality
    • Multiple order types
    • Custom catalogs per order type
    • Personalized pricing
    • Jeweler impersonation allowing administrators to place orders on behalf of jewelers when necessary


As a result of this initiative, Premier Designs has deployed an impressive new online experience, matching the quality and beauty of the products they sell. Their marketing team is now able to exercise complete, independent control over the contents of the site. This freedom allows them to deploy more frequent and creative offers and promotions quickly and efficiently, providing a lift to the top and bottom line.

Their all-new online catalog and custom checkout experience makes this site a real B2B2C experience. It allows Premier to increase revenue by selling direct-to-consumer online. Behind the scenes, it matches transactions with an appropriate, regionally selected independent jeweler who then handles fulfillment and the development of an ongoing relationship with the customer.

In the all-new partner portal, independent jewelers can efficiently manage their relationship with Premier Designs with event scheduling, order management, marketing tools, and a microsite creator.