Dry Cleaning Supply Distributor, Cleaner’s Supply, Reinvents itself with Episerver


Cleaner’s Supply, a large dry-cleaning supply distributor, built a reputation for fast, reliable delivery, and devoted customer service. They were looking for a digital commerce transformation and saw a market opportunity to capture the next generation of dry cleaners and tailors. With multiple sites, shared products, and a variety of customer needs, Cleaner’s Supply knew they had complex requirements. These included personalized product and content recommendations and increasing search and order capabilities.


The plan for success included clear alignment on goals and metrics through continuous communication. Our strategy focused on personas and journey maps, which directed feature and functionality requirements and determined the best path forward both for the customer and Cleaner’s Supply’s internal team members.

The Luminos Labs development team used a proven implementation plan driven by risk mitigation, proofs of concept, quality assurance (QA) testing every sprint, and clear communication with the Cleaner’s Supply team.

Technical Integrations

  • Address Validation: Smarty Streets​
  • Advertising: Google AdWords
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Chat: LivePerson
  • Digital Asset Management: Dynamic Image Resizer​
  • Forms: Episerver Forms
  • ERP: Infor
  • Payment: AuricVault
  • Personalization: Episerver Personalization
  • Search: Episerver Find
  • Shipping: UPS​, Purolator


  • Search: Luminos Labs developed a custom solution leveraging Episerver Personalized Find, allowing customers to overcome search challenges. This solution enables Cleaner’s Supply to:
    • Define facets per category without code changes
    • Implement a common product that is flexible enough for every category
    • Personalized product recommendations
    • Customers can search for products and select smart suggestions based on previously typed inputs
    • Deep faceting including faceting based on model numbers
  • Quick Order: Customers who know what they’re looking for or are familiar with catalog numbers can order the exact product with a few clicks
  • Product Recommendations: On Product pages, Cleaners Supply leverages Episerver Personalization resulting in personalized and related product recommendations.
  • Retargeting: If you are a returning customer, it allows you to be recognized by your account when you log in and can quickly resurface previously bought items.
  • Ratings & Reviews: Give customers confidence in the products they’re buying using Luminosity Reviews.


The new Cleaner’s Supply eCommerce platform allows a logged-in user to quick order with file upload, see customer-specific pricing & catalogs, and easily re-order past orders. The website was designed to allow easy upgrades and incremental features. Additional Episerver Personalization tools are being configured and tested, gathering valuable optimization data as the recommendation engine improves its machine learning.

Image on “Work” page from Author Simon Law from Montréal, QC, Canada on Wikimedia Commons titled “Dry Cleaning” with source link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/50642338@N00/261802211