Why the blockchain is so critical for cybersecurity

Image from Jef Poskanzer, found on Flickr, source link: Although the conversation about the blockchain has reached a lull in recent weeks, I’m positive we’ll be hearing more about its intended implementations in the months to come. As we dive deeper into the blockchain, it’s useful to further understand the possibilities it could create […]

Unpacking crypto: blockchain, cybersecurity, and the future of transactions

With the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing this last winter, the idea of the blockchain being used to streamline online business transactions is becoming more of a reality. Better yet, it seems as though this idea is being entertained further every day. Blockchain: a method of doing business digitally Even financial industry leaders like Goldman Sachs have […]

Why mobile apps are critical for business growth

In the last decade, the definition of the “mobile app” has held many meanings. Today, it holds one more: growth. Mobile apps are critical to our day-to-day tasks, and so why should it stop at business? As my colleague Jake DiMare noted recently, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for sales, and are expected to make […]