The latest business security measures for any company

Image from Sengkang, found on Wikipedia, source link:, filtered and cropped As more businesses delve into the e-commerce space, they’re in need of airtight business security systems more than ever. The way we do business has completely changed over the last two decades. A great number of transactions are handled and recorded digitally. This […]

Why the blockchain is so critical for cybersecurity

Image from Jef Poskanzer, found on Flickr, source link: Although the conversation about the blockchain has reached a lull in recent weeks, I’m positive we’ll be hearing more about its intended implementations in the months to come. As we dive deeper into the blockchain, it’s useful to further understand the possibilities it could create […]

Unpacking crypto: blockchain, cybersecurity, and the future of transactions

With the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing this last winter, the idea of the blockchain being used to streamline online business transactions is becoming more of a reality. Better yet, it seems as though this idea is being entertained further every day. Blockchain: a method of doing business digitally Even financial industry leaders like Goldman Sachs have […]

Security hacks too big to ignore: how to better prepare for cyber attacks in 2018

Image from Author Colin, found on Wikimedia Commons, source link: (CC 4.0), image cropped and filtered. While the advent of the internet has completely revolutionized how we communicate, interact, and do business with customers, it has also come with plenty of drawbacks, and some are just too big to ignore. Unfortunately, the more information […]