Personalization Engines – Giving Freedom to the Customer

Image from Tony Webster, found on Flickr (CC BY 2.0), Filtered and cropped, source link: More customers begin and end their shopping experiences online than ever before. On the supplier side, this causes an increase in the demand for e-commerce platforms with stronger capabilities. In fact, 72% of companies are planning to re-platform their […]

Optimize your sales process with AI, get 10% in sales gains

Business managers are well aware that customers have unique needs, and often express those needs at vastly different times. It can be difficult to monitor, and with business growth this difficulty only intensifies. It’s time to consider new ways to optimize your company’s sales process. Let artificial intelligence drive your business “Using AI to personalize […]

Avoiding the threat of digitally native vertical brands

Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs) are known for their lean structure and direct to consumer efficiency. These companies are seamlessly able to process their customer’s orders online, package the product, and then ship it right to the buyer’s doorstep. This has made quite a few companies anxious about the future, and for a good reason. […]