Mobile optimization as part of an omnichannel strategy

Image from Garry Knight, found on Flickr, source link: As online shopping and the trove of data it provides has become more refined, personalization has become a more regular part of the digital experience–and shoppers have noticed. People expect content to be relevant and personalized even as their experiences span multiple devices. The simplest […]

5 incredible app innovations to watch this week

This week, there have been some particularly notable achievements in the mobile app community, and most of which are from apps you’ve probably never heard of until now. From a new Craigslist competitor to one of the proudest leaders of the 2018 Women’s March, here are five incredible app innovations that made their marks this […]

Why mobile apps are critical for business growth

In the last decade, the definition of the “mobile app” has held many meanings. Today, it holds one more: growth. Mobile apps are critical to our day-to-day tasks, and so why should it stop at business? As my colleague Jake DiMare noted recently, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for sales, and are expected to make […]