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Replatform your eCommerce website on-time and on-budget

Follow a battle-tested Project Process

Start with your MVP (Minimum-Viable-Product) to match what you have today. Focus on the essential features and functionality instead of the bells and whistles that blow off budgets and timelines.


Take any guesswork out of your project and follow a Project Process that’s very detailed yet clear, that’s predictable while allowing for flexibility, and that has been refined over multiple projects.


Once you’ve selected your new eCommerce platform, avoid spending several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on extensive strategy and research that’s essentially guesswork.


Rapidly replatform your eCommerce website without cutting any corners

Follow a Project Process that ensures you don’t cut any corners

Ensure eCommerce CX/UX Best Practices

  • Ensure your website is fast, easy to use, and intuitive for your customers.

  • Show accurate information, from relevant search results to reliable delivery estimates.

Create a scalable & reliable technology foundation

  • Carefully leverage your eCommerce platform’s APIs to ensure high website speed and scalability.

  • Automate manual processes and integrations to reduce costs, errors, and risks.

Create a flexible technology foundation

  • Extend (don’t customize) your eCommerce platform to avoid breaking its upgrade path.

  • Decouple integrations to allow for flexibility as your business grows and evolves.

Leverage your new eCommerce platform’s tools to engage with your customers, learn from their actual behavior, and adapt to their ever-changing needs.

Train your team on your new eCommerce platform as soon as you start the project. Ensure your team is trained on the specifics of your solution as your new eCommerce website is being built.