The digital-first PIM solution that’s designed to drive revenue

One PIM solution to power your digital-first commerce

Thriving in today’s digital world means delivering stellar customer experiences across every catalog, marketplace and touchpoint. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, B2C, or both – all buyers want a personalized experience. Behind that positive experience is Product Information Management (PIM).

The industry’s only elastic data model

  • Adapt to ever-changing business and customer behavior quickly with our flexible entity structure
  • Scale attributions to enter new markets and channels with ease
  • Maximize upsell and cross sell opportunities with our adaptable product hierarchy and relationship model

Business-powered digital speed

  • Automate and drive friction-free processes for a faster time to value
  • Operationalize product information with agile workflows and role-based data governance
  • Orchestrate product information seamlessly across all your touchpoints to increase sellable days

Data-driven engagement intelligence

  • Take control of your digital shelf by eliminating the guesswork. See what’s working and what’s not.
  • Jump-start new product launches with prescriptive analytics based on customer behavior.
  • Make informed business decisions with closed loop feedback to increase conversions.

Predictable cost of ownership

  • Multi-tenant SaaS solution running on Microsoft Azure is secure and fast-to-deploy. No downtime, no upgrades, no hardware purchases – just a powerful solution
  • inRiver maintains the servers, databases, and code, you can focus on growing your business without IT constraints
  • Scalable data storage and workload capacity that adapts to your requirements. Pay for what you need
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