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Luminos opens new office in Milwaukee!

Luminos opens new office in Milwaukee!

Luminos Labs is excited to start the new year by opening a brand new office in Milwaukee! While the old office was great, we came to the conclusion that what it had in charm, it lacked in size.

Expanding the team

Over the last few months, we’ve expanded our team in Milwaukee, taking on new individuals in our Customer Success department. Particularly, CSMs Matt and Jeff recently joined the team!

Jeff Ohm, Customer Success Manager

Matt Wozniak, Customer Success Manager

These two work closely with customers to identify business opportunities and works with internal teams to deliver strategic solutions and successful outcomes.

To make room for these two, as well as future team expansion, the new office is equipped with plenty of desk space, two conference rooms, a kitchen and lounge area, and most importantly, a high-speed fiber internet!

Rethink e-commerce strategy with Luminos Labs

Is your business gearing up for a big shift in e-commerce strategy? Looking to move from an on-premise e-commerce solution to a flexible and powerful platform? Luminos is here to help. Our team of experts works 24/7 to provide you with the smoothest implementation and most reliable maintenance when it comes to your e-commerce platform and experience.

We’re always interested in doing the best for our clients, and we’ve helped many achieve increases in AOV, some by as much as 22%! If you’re looking for help with e-commerce implementation, Azure cloud services, or general digital strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And if now just isn’t the right time, then please feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more e-commerce updates, trends, and announcements.


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