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Luminos Labs now a member of the Azure Advisors Group!

Luminos Labs now a member of the Azure Advisors Group!

Luminos Labs is proud to announce its new membership of the Azure Advisors Group! Among other benefits, this recognition enables Luminos Labs to be a part of an elite group of architects, developers, and incredible Microsoft Azure team members that collaborate tirelessly to build the next generation of cloud capabilities. Most importantly, this group has a great influence on the upcoming features of Microsoft Azure.

Azure Advisors Group | Expected Benefits

By working with us, you work with an agency that has access to the following benefits:azure advisors group

  • Direct engagement with Microsoft engineers
  • Early roadmap disclosures
  • Priority access to private previews, events, and new groups within Azure Advisors Group
  • Early access to new technical content
  • Architectural best practices and guidance
  • PR and networking opportunities with Microsoft and other members of the Azure Advisors Group

This all enables Luminos Labs to provide even higher-quality services related to the Microsoft Azure platform. We’ll also be able to offer solutions that closely align with the future trends of the cloud. Being this close to the Microsoft Azure Product Team enables us to have exclusive insights and influence around the technical decisions related to the platform. Most importantly, this will allow us to develop unparalleled solutions to our clients needs and issues.

Discover more of the Cloud with Luminos Labs

cloud-based Luminos LabsLuminos Labs specializes in complex B2B2C e-commerce solutions, and we’re a proud partner of Episerver. The Episerver platform effectively leverages cloud technologies, and it’s one of the strongest options on the market for doing so.

Our teams across the world help companies implement the platform efficiently and effectively, while also consulting with clients to integrate valuable 3rd party systems – like OrderDynamics and Tealium – seamlessly into the platform. And now with our new membership of the Azure Advisors Group, we’re excited to offer even more.

Find out what Luminos can do for your business. We work with clients of varying sizes and industries, so we’ve got the experience to find the solutions you need. All initial consultations are free of charge. And if now just isn’t the right time, then please feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more e-commerce updates, trends, and announcements.

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