Why Staff Augmentation is the Solution You Need: Access our eCommerce Centric Developers


It’s no secret that the global stock market has seen better days and the near-term economic landscape is cloudy at best. With these challenges going on around us, the need for talented, trained, and skilled staff is constantly on the rise; recession or not.

While you may continue to hire onto your team or push your current staff to get even more work done in their workday due to under staffing, a different solution is at hand.

Staff Augmentation from specialized, trained Commerce experts.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a strategic way for companies to fill the skill gap present within their internal teams without taking the risk of hiring new team members. Unlike conventional hiring, staff augmentation is not a permanent solution but simply a temporary filling of a very specialized gap on a contractual basis.

With staff augmentation being an increasingly popular notion among many startup businesses, it can be a solution for any business looking to save money in their budget by hiring a key resource for a specific amount of time to get any integration or eCommerce project done while also limiting risk.

Benefits of Utilizing Staff Augmentation

There are multiple reasons a staff augmentation could be beneficial for a business, but it is best done by utilizing it to work for a company’s specific needs. By identifying the current gaps in businesses eCommerce and associated integration projects business processes that are not currently staffed on the team.

Experts in eCommerce

Our professionals have Digital Commerce technology implementations down to a science. Our developers know how to implement platforms that are stable, run fast, and are flexible to grow with a business. Specializing in highly complex B2B and B2C eCommerce projects over 12+ years, our developers are skilled in integrations from legacy and highly customized ERPs to simple analytics plugins.

Lower Development & Operational Costs

Another advantage to using staff augmentation services is lower development and operational costs. When hiring a full-time employee comes the office space, equipment, taxes, insurance, and investment to onboard. With staff augmentation, a business can expect to see lower operational costs, which in the long term will help to save money overall.

Recruit Qualified Candidates Easier

As many businesses know, finding a qualified candidate to get the job done on time and on budget is not an easy task. Staff augmentation allows companies direct access to experts in their field, and at the price point that complements their budget. Sometimes a business may find a professional who checks all the boxes to get the job done, but their cost is higher than budgets may allow. In which case, choosing the staff augmentation route provides a strong option for the business's needs.

Increased Output

With staff augmentation being more affordable, the lower development costs allow businesses to tip the scales from spending time and resources on hiring and onboarding to increasing the output, by completing projects and tasks to hit goals or solve costly problems.

Staff augmentation allows companies to enhance the overall capabilities of their teams, while keeping total control over their resources, management process and deliveries. A solution for businesses looking to save overhead costs in the midst of a recession, to still produce top quality work. Talk about low risk, high reward.

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