Website Design Tips from Our Creative Director

User Experience

Website design is certainly a subjective matter, depending on what the website is for, the tone, who you are speaking to, etc. it all depends on different factors.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to sit down with our Creative Director, Emery Ullenberg, to ask him a few questions about website design, and even a few tips that you can use for your benefit.

Some of the top mistakes that are most commonly seen on eCommerce websites, or websites in general, include:

Overuse of stock photography –

When you only use stock photography on your website, you are limited to the content that is already put out into the world. You’re stuck using someone else’s images which in turn doesn’t always portray exactly what you are trying to say to your audience. The imagery might be similar to your brand and what point you want to get across, but most of the time it is just along the lines of the same topic and not on point to what you are trying to show as your brand identity.

Tip from our Creative Director: take the time and investment into creating your own assets and media. It’s instantly distinguishable of yours if you create it, and more inline with your brand.

Intense number of sliders –

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers are making on their websites is the overuse of slider banners. As a consumer, if you see too many things in the same place at once then it gets to be confusing, and you just end up not focusing on anything at all. You end up becoming blind to the banner all together because it’s just too much to try to understand everything going on. Here’s the thing:

Don’t be afraid to put content underneath the fold!

The fold is the concept of newspapers, and nowadays usually a majority of people are using their smart phone to view your website. This means that we are used to scrolling down a page because we are on our phones.

Tip from our Creative Director: don’t be afraid to organize content out throughout the website page. It will help your promotions resonate better with customers vs scare them away.

Center Pop Up Modules for Promotions –

The problem with center pop up modules for the use of promotions is that it causes the customer to stop their scrolling experience. This is frustrating to the user because they are interrupted from what they were initially doing.

Center pop up modules should be used for confirmation purposes, not advertorial purposes. Most of the time guests are likely to just close out of the pop up to get back to what they were looking for.

Tip from our Creative Director: consider off canvas elements that pop up on the side, or slowly rise up from the bottom of the page.

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