Ways To Compete with Top Digital Commerce Platforms

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Standing out as a digital commerce platform can be competitive especially in a post-pandemic world where digital is the new normal.

While these eCommerce platforms tend to rule the digital world with their fast shipping and quick customer service, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to win over YOUR customers so that when they need to order something, YOU are top of mind, not the competitor.

So lets look at some trends in these eCommerce giants and what is working for them that you can also start to implement –

Personalization – give your customer options to choose a product how they want it i.e) different colors, or sizes.

When you let the customer personalize what it is they are buying, you put the control in their hands which, in turn, gives them a better experience.

Make it easy for them to find and buy a product – allow customers to search key words to bring products up faster and make checking outa breeze.

A customer will not go searching pages and pages for a product. If the item they’re looking for doesn’t pop up in the first page, they will simply go elsewhere.

Same goes for checking out, if the experience takes too much of their time or is too difficult for them, they will leave.

Good Customer Service – we live in an instant world, if something isn’t instant gratification it is understandable in today’s world to become slightly frustrated with whatever is going on.

By having customer service readily available either by chat, phone, or email, it can help calm some frustrations that a potential buyer, or already customer through what they are going through.

The faster an issue can be resolved after arising, the better the customer’s experience will be for them.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, do you agree that these tips are helpful towards competing with big digital commerce websites?

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