3 great Episerver features you probably didn’t know about

When customers are looking for a new e-commerce platform, they’re all looking for something a little different. The length of the buyer’s journey they experience can also vary tremendously. While some spend years looking for the right platform, others might only need a few weeks! Luminos Labs is here to show you the different e-commerce capabilities to help run your business powerfully. Let’s take a deeper look into the Episerver Commerce & CMS platform, and explore 3 great Episerver features you probably didn’t know about!

Episerver Commerce & CMS

Let’s start with the basics for anyone who’s not up to speed. Episerver offers many different e-commerce packages. Each come with their own stack of useful Episerver features. The most popular packages are Episerver Commerce and CMS.

As you can infer, Commerce is more geared around the fundamental e-commerce mechanisms that will drive your site’s business. CMS, on the other hand, will be more useful for easy marketing content management.

These packages are usually sold together to offer the most unified and helpful e-commerce experience. Not only for you but also for your customers. However, despite this fact, there are a few nuances for each that are important to know and understand.

Popular Episerver features

Both Episerver Commerce and CMS come with the following Episerver features: Find, Advance, and Insight.

  • Episerver Find. This feature boasts a robust search solution that will revolutionize how your customers find products on your site. Find is a highly scalable and multi-lingual engine that is built to offer the best customer experience.
  • Episerver Advance. Advance is a super cool feature because it utilizes artificial intelligence to offer your customers more specific shopping experience. With Advance, your e-commerce website will be able to use returning customer data to offer customers the right content at the right time in their buyer’s journey. This helps reduce customer frustration and increases the efficiency of their search.
  • Episerver Insight. Insight is how Advance is able to collect smart data about your customers. With Insight, you’ll be able to implement visitor tracking, advanced audience segmentation, and 3rd party data from other integrations to know the most about your customers. This will help your company gain a closer look at their buyer’s journey, and what to promote next.

These are some truly remarkable Episerver features that make the platform one of the best for improving customer experience. And in a world where there are so many options for customers, optimizing their overall experience is crucial. Now that we’ve covered some of the basic – yet still super powerful – Episerver features, let’s get more into the ones you may not know about!

Episerver features you may not know about

When you choose Episerver, you’re gaining access to some of the most useful e-commerce tools on the market. However, you also have the option to extend Episerver Commerce. This will give you even more power and flexibility than you would with the standard package. Here are some of the great Episerver features you gain access to when you extend your Episerver Commerce package:

  • Personalized, triggered emailing. By extending Commerce, you get very powerful email capabilities. Not only will you be able to personalize emails for different segment outreach, but you’ll also get constant notifications of the recipient’s actions. You’ll know whenever your site receives a form submission, email confirmation, order confirmation, shipping notification, or if there’s an abandoned cart.
  • Personalized search. This one’s really cool. With personalized search, your website will be able to reorder the products shown to customers based on their purchase history. This extension also takes into account customer attributes such as general web browsing and email behavior. Ultimately, this is designed to improve the click-through-rate for shown products.
  • Episerver social. This extension allows you to manage your site’s community-generated content. From comments to ratings and user reviews, this cloud-based platform of extensible services will help you easily show what your community is thinking about your products and services.

These are just a few of the many reasons extending the Episerver platform has helped so many companies revolutionize their e-commerce platform. Not only has it given the tools to be competitive in today’s market, but it’s also given their customers unparalleled customer experiences

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