The eCommerce Social Media Checklist


If you have an ecommerce website and you utilize social media platforms to get the word out about your brand, are you strategizing your posts or are you just posting without a solid plan?

It is so important to have a social media strategy in this digital world that we live in, because not only will it help to engage your followers better, it will help your business to really stand out on the over crowded platforms.

So before you go ahead and hit post again, here are some tips to spruce up your social media, and get your ecommerce business to stand out:

1) An attention-grabbing profile picture –

One that your audience can see clearly, with no confusion of who you are.

Also, consider using a contrasted background against the typical color of the social platform you are using.

Typically, this color is an off white, so make your business pop with a bold color. (Maybe a brand color?)

2) Your name –

Utilize this space to actually say what your business does/has, instead of your business name again (because it is probably already your user handle) so when someone is using a social platform as a search engine, your business will pop up with exactly what they need.

3)    Your bio –

Make it as clear as possible! What do you do, Who is your product for, What do you help with.

4)    Stories –

Show up daily! Stories area more personal approach so someone can relate better to your business and your product.

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