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QA Testing Approach for Accelerating the Delivery of an inRiver – Episerver Solution

Most digital commerce businesses struggle with getting the right information, to the right buyer, at the right time. By enhancing your eCommerce platform with inRiver PIM, you can improve time to market, and ensure that product content is accurate, easy to maintain, and fully functional.

At Luminos Labs, our focus is to make sure all your product digital content and data flows properly between all systems and is easily manageable. A tactical approach can save you time and money by launching quickly and focusing on the most important things.

The Approach:

Phase 1 – Field Mapping Validation

  • Ensure fields are mapped correctly between inRiver and Episerver before the first import.
  • We use a mapping document that allows us to identify and compare fields.
  • Fields values are validated, then mapped correctly.

QA Testing Approach Phase 1

Phase 2 – Operations Validation

  • Validate that all CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are working correctly and that any action in InRiver is reflected in Episerver.
  • Validate products, variants, assets, hierarchies, and other catalog items:
    • Create, delete, and update categories.
    • Create, delete, and update products and variants.
    • Moving a product from one category to another.
    • De-activating a product.

QA Testing Approach Phase 2

Phase 3 – Content Editor Activities Validation

  • Sync with the content management team to understand the content enrichment process.
  • Validate that the system supports the daily activities performed by the content editors (e.g., product completeness, channels creation, assets import, products mass update, etc.).
  • Validate the scalability of product data flows such as massive updates, the need to re-publish the entire channel, and to verify the resiliencies and responsiveness of the data pipelines.

QA Testing Approach Phase 3

Below you can find a diagram that illustrates the synchronization between all systems from supplier to digital shelf, as well as the Luminos Labs QA Team involvement in testing the process.

QA Testing Approach Diagram

It’s vital to ensure that the product enrichment process is efficient as consumers conduct more product research than ever before. Rather than dealing with system malfunctions that slow you down, chose a testing approach that ensures a stable and fast launch.