Personalization Engines – Giving Freedom to the Customer

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More customers begin and end their shopping experiences online than ever before. On the supplier side, this causes an increase in the demand for e-commerce platforms with stronger capabilities. In fact, 72% of companies are planning to re-platform their e-commerce within the next 2 years.

But what more are they searching for exactly? Simply put, shoppers spend more time online largely because it’s easier to find exactly what they’re looking for. This is possible thanks to product personalization. Companies want to find platforms with all of the standard e-commerce capabilities, but with a strong personalization engine as well.

What makes a personalization engine strong?

There’s quite the range of properties that a personalization engine can have, so it’s important to understand what makes a truly strong one. If you want to give customers the freedom to customize their shopping experience, you need to make sure the engine serves in all of these areas:

  1. Customer Experience. Personalization engines consider user data when making content offers. When a customer enters your site, it starts tracking their behavior. It tracks things like what they click on, how long they’re there, and if they abandoned their cart. This data is taken into account for future visits, and is leveraged to offer that customer a better deal or a different offer to persuade them to buy later on.
  2. Marketing. It’s best for companies to market to multiple segments at simultaneously. A personalization engine that distributes different types of content offers to customers based on their varying backgrounds s critical for the overall platform’s success.
  3. Digital Commerce. If a personalization engine serves well on the above two levels, then it guarantees improvement in your digital commerce performance, particularly when it comes to increasing conversion rates and average order value.

The above areas are vital to your e-commerce platform’s performance. A strong sense of personalization brings your customers freedom throughout their user experience, which they will surely enjoy. It makes their shopping experience even easier and more memorable, which keeps them coming back for more.

A cloud-based personalization powerhouse

There are many different options out there when it comes to finding an e-commerce platform with a strong personalization engine. One of the best platforms is cloud-based Episerver, a true visionary in the market. They’ve got 6 stand-alone personalization modules that can be included with any of the products they offer. Best of all, they’re paving the way to being one of the biggest digital experience platforms on the market, and they’re always thinking of new ways to empower the companies that work with them, in turn bringing more freedom for these companies’ customers.

But don’t take it from us, take it from some companies that have found great success in utilizing Episerver’s highly powerful personalization tools. For example, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply successfully implemented Episerver, and uses its personalization tools strategically.

Specifically, they use it to assess its different market segments online and offer different types of offers to these segments. They can now offer personalization for their apparel products too. This enables customers to easily find the right style, color, and fit for the products they want. Best of all, Episerver enables Murdoch’s to bring 250% more inventory onto their site, giving their customers more selection than ever before.

Jenson’s USA, a prominent bicycle and accessory retailer, also leverages Episerver’s personalization tools to its benefit. With a lot of different kinds of products ranging from Bicycles, apparel products, and other accessories, Jenson needed a way for their customers to be able to easily sort through all of the options based on their personal preferences. With the flexibility that Episerver provides, Jenson is now able to internally organize and promote over 30,000 different products. The customer is happy with the options they have for each product, and Jenson is able to enjoy a more focused revenue stream.

Give more freedom to your customers

Luminos Labs is one of the top Episerver implementation partners. In fact, we’re named Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud Partner of the Year in North America. Our teams across the world help companies implement the platform efficiently and effectively. We also consult with the client to integrate valuable 3rd party systems – like OrderDynamics and inRiver – seamlessly into the platform.

Find out what Luminos can do for your business. We work with clients of varying sizes and industries, so we’ve got the experience to find the solutions you need. All initial consultations are free of charge, and if now just isn’t the right time, then please feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more e-commerce updates, trends, and announcements.

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      Thank you for your comment. Episerver is an e-commerce and CMS platform specifically, but what’s great about it is its flexibility in incorporating 3rd party systems seamlessly into the platform. Integrating systems like OrderDynamics for inventory management is something we commonly do for our clients, as well as Microsoft Dynamics for finance and operations. Luminos Labs specializes in these integrations as a partner.

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