Luminos Labs and Episerver team up to power digital commerce for regional furniture giant: Living Spaces

Luminos Labs and Episerver were excited to hear from Living Spaces when they called. Drive anywhere in the southwestern part of the United States, and you’re likely to see a Living Spaces sign before long. Founded in 2003, this ubiquitous furniture designer and retailer opened its first store in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Since then, they’ve grown to over twenty locations including stores and distribution centers in California, Arizona, and Nevada. In addition to all their bright, friendly locations, Living Spaces has been selling online for over ten years and boasts considerable, annual online revenue growth thanks to an exceptional online experience and same-day shipping.

An outdated strategy hindered the digital team

When Living Spaces came to Luminos Labs, and Episerver they were still maintaining a home-rolled eCommerce platform. This strategy was no longer able to provide the digital commerce experience customers had come to expect and did not allow their marketers and merchandisers to make even the most straightforward updates to product descriptions without involving their IT support team. This approach introduced undesirable and unnecessary friction and delays.

Although their website continued to provide revenue growth, it had slowed in recent years, leading us to wonder what was possible. -Adam Wilmouth, Luminos Labs Head of Digital Strategy

Their old site also suffered from a lack of a responsive front-end experience and ongoing performance issues which negatively impacted the customer experience, infrastructure costs, and SEO performance. It was clear it was time for a change; the most prominent question was whether or not to continue investing in improvements to their existing tech infrastructure or undergo a complete digital transformation introducing the features they need today and the open architecture and framework necessary to continuously evolve in the era of accelerating change.

Luminos Labs and Episerver recommended digital transformation

When we first met Living Spaces, it was clear from the laundry list of current problems a lot of tactical things were not going well. But, more importantly, the enthusiasm and aspirations of the online team made it clear it was time for an all-new digital strategy. This group has a vision, and they know where they want to take digital commerce. They just needed modern, future-friendly tools to help them get there.

In support of this goal, Luminos Labs and Episerver recommended a complete digital transformation. Of course, in the era of accelerating change, digital transformation is not a one-and-done project with a distinct beginning and an end. That’s why Luminos Labs recommended an ongoing strategic partnership, starting with a whole-cloth lift and shift to Episerver DXC on the Luminos Labs Episerver Commerce Accelerator framework.

In the first phase, Luminos Labs also rebuilt the front end templates, so they are responsive with a strong focus on performance metrics. We also implemented a handful of critical SEO improvements to the overall site architecture and the content management layer. This effort required some small design changes as well as the structuring the back-end experience for users to take advantage of newly available capabilities for Living Spaces’ digital product marketing and merchandising teams.

Last but not least, no eCommerce platform lives in a vacuum and integration with the existing ecosystem is a must on every digital commerce transformation. The first phase of this initiative included integration with many additional, third-party systems with Episerver. These included:

  • Synchrony
  • BazaarVoice
  • Olapic
  • BloomReach
  • Tangiblee
  • Silverpop
  • Tealium
  • Optimizely

Luminos Labs and Episerver deliver outsized results

Luminos Labs launched phase one of the Living Spaces digital transformation initiatives on January 30th, 2018. Since then the client has been very pleased to report improvement on three critical metrics: site speed, acquisition from organic search, and conversion rate. The launch was a complete success with no downtime and no negative impact in any other measurable category relevant to the site’s performance.

The testing and deployment plan were so thorough and careful. We literally closed business one day on the old platform and started business the next day on Episerver. -Ross Fuller, Digital Project Lead

As a result of this successful launch, Living Spaces committed to a long-term partnership with Luminos Labs, who will be providing ongoing maintenance of the Episerver codebase and infrastructure, content support, digital marketing, and digital strategy consulting.

If your organization is considering a digital transformation in the digital commerce space or if you’ve just got questions related to this or any other topic in digital, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us and we’ll set up a no-cost, no-commitment consultation.



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