Launch home delivery eCommerce in as fast as 30 days

Online retail orders have increased year on year by 146%, but only the companies with an effective online presence will reap the benefits. To make sure you come back stronger Episerver and Luminos Labs have a new offer to help grocery stores and food manufacturers launch an eCommerce experience for their customers lightning-fast.

Grocery stores and specialty food manufacturers need to launch eCommerce now or suffer the consequences

Grow your business:

  • Launch a full-featured eCommerce experience in as fast as 30 days – Avoid the challenges that come with a lengthy and costly eCommerce implementation project with the Luminosity Episerver Accelerator
  • No payments until your site is live – Preserve your cash during these uncertain times. We’ll defer your payments until your new eCommerce solution is live
  • Digital experiences your customers actually want – If your revenue has taken a hit during Covid-19 then make sure you come out ahead by providing a new buying experience for your customers