Influencer Marketing: The Secret Weapon in eCommerce

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Social media has exploded in recent years into becoming the one thing people just can’t live without. It informs us of breaking news, keeps us updated with our family and friends, and is a great networking platform.

Inside of all of this, the social media world has allowed for marketers to really up their game and find a niche that they can speak directly to. With the rise of influencers becoming popular on different platforms, Influencer Marketing was expected to reach $13.8 billion in the year 2021 alone.

One of the many things that makes for good marketing is building trust with your audience. Why influencer marketing works so well for B2C brands who use it is because the influencer themselves has already built-up a following of people who follow them because they trust in what they believe in.

Think of it like when you go over to a friend’s house and they recommend something to you that they have been loving lately, you are probably going to try it or go out and buy it. The people who follow these influencers trust in them and actually look forward to seeing the products they recommend.

Getting started out in influencer marketing can be intimidating at first, seeing the influencer’s large number of followers can feel like they may never see your outreach to them. With Tik Tok exploding and being one of the most influential platforms at the moment, the socialites on the app are who you might want to be scoping out to work with your business.

A tip from Social Media expert, and founder of Social Media Marketing agency Media on the Move, Magi Vevere for getting their eyes on your message is to find the same influencer on another platform such as Instagram or even Facebook where they will have less of a following so you will have a higher chance of being seen.

According to Digital Marketing Institute, around 49% of Twitter users have purchased something because of a tweet. Social media has a huge impact on its users, and if you are an eCommerce business now is the perfect time to dive into the world of Influencer Marketing.

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