How To Put a Call To Action in Your Social Media Posts

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So, you’re utilizing social media accounts, and linking to your eCommerce website but you don’t necessarily know how to always add a call to action? Giving your social audience a call to action gives them something to do with the information they were just given. Otherwise, they would just think, “That was a great post.” and keep moving along with their day.

The CTA in your posts should either lead the customer towards more information, i.e) where they can buy your product, how much the product is, etc.

Or it should encourage them to want to interact, i.e) asking them to tag a friend in the comments to win something from your store, or leave a testimonial on what they think in the comments. Realistically, not everyone will interact with your CTA, and that’s ok. With consistency you can build your social audience and show them that you are an interactive brand who wants to give them more information and build a relationship with them.

Here are some of our top favorite CTAs for your digital commerce social media posts:

Save this post for later –

This not only encourages them to come back to the post later, but also encourages them to save it, which is a huge engagement boost on platforms like Instagram.

The more people save your posts, the more Instagram will view it as something that is useful to others, and therefore, show it to more people.

Like if you agree –

This is a simple one for those viewing your content to interact, while also doing so in a more discrete way than leaving a comment. It can also be useful for seeing who is part of your tribe on social media. By leaving a like, they are saying “Hey, I like this, and I agree with you!”

Watch stories for more details –

This is a great CTA in a social post because it then drives your audience to a different area of your page. Stories are great for showing more in-depth parts of your eCommerce business and allows you to get more personal.

So, what is your favorite way to leave a CTA for your followers?

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