How to Get Your eCommerce Website Ready for a Promotional Event

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is what your customers will read when visiting your website during your biggest sale of the year.

But how do you prepare for this time?

While there are many factors that can go into planning a promotional campaign, here are some tips you can follow to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Plan your campaign – decide what the campaign will entail and how long you want it to run for.

These are just the basics of getting started.

Once you have all the details of the campaign laid out to what you want for your customers, then you can begin the next steps.

Promote the event on social media – you can do this organically or through paid advertisements (or both!)

However you want to promote it, utilize your social media pages to bring in some customers.

Get Customer Service ready to go – make sure you have all hands on deck on all email, phone lines, and chat rooms for your customers who choose to shop the sale.

If anything were to go wrong during their order being placed, or if they have a question on a certain product, the last thing you’d want them to do is abandon their cart due to lack of customer service help.

Make sure your website is ready for performance – you can ensure that your website will stay up and running during the sale through running it on a cloud service that is trusted.

You can also test your website by running it through a Google test for speeds.

Automate your emails – make sure that you have an email campaign ready to go and set to go out on time through an automation system.

Setting up an email campaign ahead of time can help reach customers who may have missed your social media campaigns to bring some more awareness to your event.

When your business has a promotional event going on, what is your favorite way to prepare for it?

Tell us in the comments!

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