How Luminos Labs and Episerver powered the rebrand of a $5B global giant

When Emerson Network Power, the $5B supplier of mission-critical equipment for data centers and communication networks, was spun off from their parent corporation, there were a couple of things they knew early on. First, they were going to need a rebrand to establish their new strategy and positioning in the market. Second, nothing less than a complete digital transformation would support the evolving needs and expectations of their customers. On Sharepoint at the time, Emerson was unable to manage the most fundamental aspects of their online presence efficiently. To support their vision for a clean, modern B2B2C digital commerce experience, Emerson selected Luminos Labs and Episerver.

Concerning their online customer experience aspirations, Emerson knew there was no way Sharepoint would fit the bill. It was not architected initially to be a customer-facing experience and sprawled across 23 separate web properties with dozens of different layouts and formats. It was also tough to customize and was not a commerce engine. By the time they met us they had fallen into the trap of requiring IT to assist with the simple act of creating and editing content pages.

Luminos Labs and Episerver: The B2B2C solution team

They selected Episerver based on its features, strong support for B2B2C experiences, and position as a challenger on the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Emerson also felt, based on Episerver’s growth and focus on ongoing innovation, that they would continue to evolve as each grew in their respective spaces. They also wanted a content and commerce solution that could be hosted in the cloud.

Emerson selected Luminos Labs because of our experience with B2B2C projects and reputation as the go-to solution partner for Episerver digital commerce engagements. They were particularly interested in our experience developing and deploying sites with Episerver content and commerce, 3rd party PIM expertise, strong capability around 3rd party integrations, and personalization for global organizations.

During the design process, we worked collaboratively with Emerson’s creative agency, and during that time Emerson became Vertiv. Luminos Labs conducted extensive requirements gathering and analysis. We also provided experience architecture, solutions architecture, and design consulting.

Overcoming complexity during development

Throughout development, Luminos Labs lead with our Red to Green Methodology and two-week sprint practice to tackle the highest-risk features first. During this time we also handled all the integration and feature buildout and conducted a product migration with over 10k SKU’s. In phase two, Luminos Labs architected and built a solution to integrate many disparate, legacy tools for channel partners and dealers in an all-new Partner Portal with Okta single sign-on, something previously not possible for Vertiv’s customers.

Other integrations on this project included a homegrown membership database as well as Brandmaker (PIM & DAM), Eloqua,, and Oracle Service Cloud.

After phase two was completed Gary Anderson, VP of Global Marketing at Vertiv and Radu Munteanu, Founder, and CEO of Luminos Labs shared the stage at Episerver Ascend where they gave a talk. In it, they reviewed the fundamentals of our work together, success with Episerver, and some key takeaways. These were:

  • Tackle high-risk functionality first…start red, finish green.
  • Choose 3rd Party Systems not only for functionality but integrate-ability also.
  • Integrate the Technology Team with the UX Process.
  • Episerver can scale to support the complexity of a $5B company.

Looking ahead

After we deployed phase two, Vertiv retained Luminos Labs as a development partner to build phase three, a custom-designed and built Consultant Portal. At the same time, we were engaged to provide ongoing managed services to support and maintain their growing instance of Episerver, now serving between four and five million visitors annually.

If you’d like to see the new site, please visit You can also learn more about this project on our website. If your organization is facing a massive rebrand and enterprise digital transformation, please contact us. There’s no cost or commitment for initial consultations, and we’d love to know more about the challenges you are overcoming.