Get on the fast-track with the Luminos Labs Episerver Commerce Accelerator Kit

Digital Commerce Insight is proud to announce the release of the latest version of the Luminosity Episerver Accelerator.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all these years of working on digital commerce projects, it’s that time is money, in the most literal sense of the phrase. Unlike many other pieces of technology that underpin the customer’s journey with our brands, the e-commerce platform has a direct line to revenue. And so, initiatives to redesign or transform the components supporting digital commerce must be completed as quickly as possible, and the level tolerance for any delay is typically low. That’s why we’ve created the Luminos Labs Episerver Commerce Accelerator.

The Luminos Labs Episerver Commerce Accelerator was designed and built specifically to automate the checklist of things that must be done on every digital commerce project right after spooling up a fresh instance of Episerver. It packages up all of the most commonly required features and functionality an e-commerce site needs with Episerver Commerce to make it possible to deliver working functionality in the client release meeting after our very first two-week sprint, something Luminos Labs guarantees on every Episerver Commerce project.

The other great thing about accelerating our way past the most apparent e-commerce requirements is it gives us more time to spend on the aspirational list of features and functionality that every project has.

Unpacking the Luminos Labs Episerver Commerce Accelerator

The Luminos Labs Episerver Commerce Accelerator includes the most commonly required features and functionality on any digital commerce initiative. At the foundation, our accelerator consists of a layered instance of Episerver Content and Commerce, always upgraded to the most recent version. It also includes the following:

  • Login / Create Account (with confirmation email)
  • Forgot Password Functionality
  • My Account
    • View / Edit profile info
    • Address book: add/edit/delete/set as preferred billing or shipping
    • Change password
  • Basic product detail page
    • Variant Selector
    • MSRP Price, Was Price, Discounted Price
    • Inventory Check with Only “X” left in stock logic
    • Add to cart feature
  • Mini-Cart implementation
  • Shopping Cart implementation
    • Update quantities, remove products
    • Apply/Remove coupon codes
    • Auto remove products or auto adjust quantity/price for cart item with notification (in case of inventory change, price change)
  • Checkout implementation
    • Shipping Address step
    • Shipping Method selection step
    • Billing & Payment step
    • Submit order
  • CMS-ready email templates

If your organization is contemplating a move, we’d love to talk about how our Luminosity Episerver Accelerator can help you get on the fast track and accomplish your goals on time, on-budget, and including all your must-have requirements and aspirational features and functionality. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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