What the FUD is up with Digital Commerce?


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Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. The dreaded trio (not) fondly referred to by the acronym FUD. Hopefully you never use these words when selecting a new technology, implementing a business process, or selecting a new partner. On the agency side, it can be even scarier to hear those things from a client you’re hoping to partner with, but that is a different story for another day.

These three words can be the death-knell for any single initiative. In the digital commerce world, there are many moving parts that can inspire the feelings of FUD. From choosing a partner/platform, to recovering your ROI as quickly, these are many themes that make building any strong digital commerce ecosystem a challenge.

Overcoming your FUD

According to Fit For Commerce’s Idea to Doorstep report,

“The most important digital initiative for retail professionals worldwide is replatforming their digital commerce platforms.”

The easiest and most efficient way to reach the broadest customer base is to have a well-oiled digital commerce experience. Building a platform the volume of your entire product catalog, and personalize the entire customer journey can seem like a never-ending cycle of partners, platforms, and processes that inspire FUD:

  • Fear: “I’m scared our new vendor doesn’t understand our needs.”
  • Uncertainty: “Our new marketing software sounds great on paper, but I’m not confident it will work with our current technology profile.”
  • Doubt: “There is no way the end result of this project will significantly increase our business metrics and KPIs.”

It’s not easy or quick. It’s not inexpensive. There is no secret sauce, and there are nearly limitless paths forward. The roadmap to digital commerce success can be rife with roadblocks, unknowns, and risks. Some challenges are easily identified, others are uncovered during build, and even more are found post-launch.

Digital commerce greatness also doesn’t have to be that hard, take too long, or be way overpriced. Digital commerce can be a partnership that when built on trust, honesty, and candidness, will ultimately be successful. This series of blog posts intends to explore FUD around that manifest themselves across a digital commerce platform implementation.

In the next post, “Fear” as a concept will be highlighted, along with ways to overcome fears during a project.

Leaving uncertainty at the door

Luminos Labs is an agency that helps grow our clients’ digital commerce capabilities through the use of Episerver, inRiver, Order Dynamics and Bronto across strategy, design, and build services.

Our passion is partnership. Our work allows our clients to expand their product catalog, manage the customer journey from first-touch to brand ambassador, and achieves real business results. For instance, Luminos Labs helped increase conversion rates by nearly 8%, and drove up AOV by 21% for one of our clients. This client is on pace for nearly 60% digital commerce revenue growth over the year prior.

To learn more about this client and others, feel free to schedule time on my calendar today!

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