Free Episerver Content Diagnosis Software

Episerver has launched a FREE Content Diagnostics package to help organizations quickly understand if the content they are delivering meets the real-time needs of their audience. Dropping a simple JavaScript tag gives you a real-time content audit, topic-level engagement insights, and reveals content gaps automatically without on-going manual effort.

  • Better understand the content needs of your audience
  • Rapidly respond to any changes in the market
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your digital content

What’s included in the Episerver Free Content Diagnostics Package?

Real-time Content Audit

Gain a real-time understanding of your overall content landscape automatically tagged based on our Natural Language Processing capabilities. With 24/7 access to your dashboard, get answers to the following questions with ease:

  • What topics are my content pages covering?
  • How many content items do I have by type?​
  • How is my content production by topic changing over time?

Real-time Engagement Insights

Know exactly what topics are most engaging for your visitors and see how interests change over time. With no setup other than one-time deployment of a tracking script, it has never been easier to understand:

  • What topics are driving engagement?​
  • What topics stand out by asset type or referrer?
  • How are my visitors’ interests changing over time?

Prescriptive Content Strategy

Clearly see where to focus your valuable content production resources at the topic level to address content gaps. Turn insights into action quickly with a data-driven approach to answer:

  • What topics should the team focus on?
  • What topics are gaps for different channels?
  • How are content gaps changing over time?

In addition to 24/7 access to dashboards for the duration of the package, you will also receive support with a personalized 30-minute workshop on initial insights via a dashboard walkthrough.

As digital content becomes an even more critical part of how your organization connects with your audience at large, stand ready with a complimentary diagnosis to help you make the most of your valuable content and resources during this time.