Don’t fear the BOPIS

The holidays have been in full swing and the holiday shopping season certainly hasn’t slowed down either. In fact, with Christmas just around the corner, millions of consumers in the US are working hard on their shopping lists. While they want to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, they’re loathing the fact that they’ll have to venture through the holiday madness to shop.

Buy Online, Pick-up In Store

The thought of going to the mall and wading through thousands of shoppers can make one cringe. Especially when you may fight through the crowds just to find out they’re out of the item you’re looking for. Or what if it’s not in the right size? These worries help explain the growing trend of major retailers adopting efficient Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) options. This capability allows customers to take some uncertainty out of their already-stressful shopping experiences.

Benefits for the Consumer

In general, there are a lot of benefits to BOPIS, from both the retailer and the consumer side. For consumers, the first benefit is obvious: you get to avoid all of the shopping madness! No more zipping around a crowded store looking for what you need. No more “um, excuse me sir, trying to get through!” Consumers also enjoy the following benefits of BOPIS:

  • Skip the shipping costs. An obvious benefit of buying online and picking up in store is avoiding your order’s shipping costs. Depending on the company, shipping can get quite expensive. Anywhere from $6 to even $15 or above is certainly not out of the question. For the holiday season in particular, you could order everything online, and then pickup at a low-activity time.
  • Special discounts when BOPIS. A lot of retailers will even offer specific discounts for when you buy their products online and opt to pick them up in store. So, not only can you save on shipping costs, but you could also get up to 10% or more off of the product price!
  • Allowed more flexibility when shopping. My apartment complex is different than most, all of the units are marked by 1/2 units, causing constant delivery mistakes when I order something online. I am certainly not the only one with this sort of living predicament. Buying online gives you the benefit of getting exactly what you want from the comfort of your home, while also giving you the flexibility to pick it up whenever you need.

Benefits for the Retailer

Of course, customers aren’t the only ones benefiting from this setup. Otherwise, why would companies invest in systems like OrderDynamics in the first place? Here are a few (of many) benefits that BOPIS capabilities will bring to your business:

  • Additional items are usually bought while at the store (increased AOV). Probably one of the most important items on this list is BOPIS’ effect on average order value. Think about it this way: what are the odds that after a customer buys something online, they’ll buy something else in the store when they come pick it up? Apparently, pretty dang high; a whopping 51% to be exact.


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  • Increase foot traffic to your stores. Along a similar vein, this increase in AOV is possible by, of course, bringing more people into the store through BOPIS. More foot traffic means more product exposure, and likely more revenue. This doesn’t necessarily help the Holiday shopping dilemma, but it’s still good to keep in mind year round.
  • Increases overall shopping experience, and therefore brand loyalty. Your customers are going to appreciate the increased flexibility they get when shopping with your brand. With the ability to buy from your store however they want – whether it be in-store, online, or the hybrid BOPIS – they’ll know that they’ll be able to get what they want, when they want it. This will increase overall shopping experience, making your customers more loyal to your brand than ever.

Don’t miss out on implementing BOPIS

As companies continue to strive for a completely unified e-commerce experience, more and more big retailers are starting to roll out their own BOPIS implementations. It’s crucial not to miss out on this trend; giving your customers more flexibility to buy from you than ever is only going to make your business stronger. Just recently, huge retailers such as Petco, Home Depot, and Nordstrom are embracing this new part of the online shopping experience. In Petco’s case, they’ve already experienced a 5% increase in the number of online customers.


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And I can’t close out this article without highlighting the benefit BOPIS has on a company’s online operations. BOPIS gives retailers the opportunity of having inventory efficiencies that were simply unavailable before. The catch is that you need to have sophisiticated order management software in place to enjoy this benefit. Again, systems like OrderDynamics are great for accomplishing this.

These kinds of software can seamlessly manage and order inventory across multiple stores so that customers are never disappointed by finding out what they ordered isn’t actually there when they come to pick it up. However, retailers must be careful not to rush too quickly into their BOPIS implementations, because this can actually cause the opposite effect in terms of efficiency. Namely, rushing too fast can cause problems with store visibility, lag in response time, and filling orders accurately.

Explore BOPIS and other setups with Luminos Labs

Luminos Labs has helped a number of retailers transform their shopping experiences online. For this reason, we’re always staying on top of the latest retail technology trends and news to make our clients stay as competitive as possible.

Is your business gearing up for a big shift in e-commerce strategy? Looking to move from an on-premise e-commerce solution to a flexible and powerful platform? Luminos is here to help. Our team of experts works 24/7 to provide you with the smoothest implementation and most reliable maintenance when it comes to your e-commerce platform and experience.

We’re always interested in doing the best for our clients, and we’ve helped many achieve increases in average order value, some by as much as 22%! If you’re looking for help with e-commerce implementation, Azure cloud services, or general digital strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And if now just isn’t the right time, then please feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more e-commerce updates, trends, and announcements.

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