Creating Urgency So Customers Hit Add to Cart

User Experience

More than 60% of US consumers prefer to buy their holiday gifts online. Especially post-pandemic we have seen a major shift into the world of shopping online. Some people have even shifted into doing their grocery shopping online.

The average cart abandonment rate is about 70%. Sometimes shoppers are just not ready to buy, but sometimes these abandonments can be prevented.

Running promotional events is a great way to bring awareness to your brand, while also creating a sense of urgency for shoppers to buy with you.

Each day you can run different types of promotions that not only spark urgency by making the promotion the one day only, but you also help them to look forward to what the next one will be.

Some examples you can follow are:

-Have them answer a riddle or fill in the blank to a saying for a chance to win a gift card

-Create a virtual scratch off ticket that gets sent out through an email campaign

-Offer exclusive wrapping or products during a sale only

-Give them free express shipping to get their items quickly

The opportunities to create a sense of urgency, while giving your customers a great deal, are endless.

Even something such as putting a countdown to the end of the sale at the top of every page on your website can be beneficial in helping customers hit "Check Out" a little quicker.

The goal is to give your customers a frictionless experience that will get them what they are looking for, and then have it delivered as quickly as possible, for also the best price possible.

By doing a different discount or promotion each day, you give customers a chance to look forward to what could be next, while also offering them a chance to get what they are looking for, for maybe a cheaper price, or a faster shipping.

Some tips that you can also utilize to help avoid cart abandonment are:

A pop up –

Remind them their cart is waiting for them, and even better, offer them a discount code.

Offer free shipping –

Offering free shipping can help the customer feel better about the purchase they’re making.

Build trust-

Adding a PayPal verified logo, you show your shoppers that your eCommerce website is a trusted and safe place for them to give their personal information.

When you are creating this sense of urgency with your customers, it puts you as a business in control which can in turn bring you higher sales.

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