30 Instagram Reels in 30 Days Is Burnout Waiting to Happen

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If you’ve showed interest in building your brand’s identity through video content, then you’ve probably heard of the trending “30 Reels in 30 Days.” The trend goes, if you post an Instagram Reel every single day for 30 days straight your account is said to grow tremendously.

Now, while this may sound tempting to try because who wouldn’t want to experiment and try anything they can to grow and build their brand? The truth is, this is a recipe for burnout, and you can post multiple times per day on multiple social platforms and still see no growth to your business. This is because if you aren’t putting out content that is helpful and savable that makes people want to come back to, or share with their friends, you aren’t going to make an impact on people.

Realistically, people are interested in themselves. So, when you post content that is helpful to them, they will be interested in listening up and following for more.

You should be strategic, even in your social media marketing efforts, if you want to see growth to your accounts. Things like:

-High quality posts that offer value to the viewer

-Posts targeted towards your ideal audience

-Being clear and to the point

High quality posts that offer value to the viewer gives them a reason to keep coming back. (AKA follow you and turn on post notifications) When someone takes value from what you’re posting, you are gaining their trust and giving them a reason to want to continue to come back to your content.

Posts that are targeted towards your ideal audience will help in creating value for your potential clients because you are speaking their language. Using trending audio behind your videos is always a great way to build up your following, however if you aren’t using the trend to twist it and relate it to your industry, it won’t be relevant to your viewers.

Finally, being clear and to the point gives you the advantage to make sure your audience understands the point you are trying to get across.

If you are putting these three things into your content, the quality of your posts will be able to speak for themselves and help you gain the right following that will hopefully lead to sales for your business.

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