Luminos x FitForCommerce: powerful e-commerce tips

So far, this year has been an incredible year for online retail sales growth. In 2017 alone, online retail grew faster than it has since 2011. Better yet, this e-commerce trend has only continued as we find ourselves just half way through 2018.

Luminos Labs and FitForCommerce: From Idea to Doorstep

With this incredibly rapid growth has come the increasing need for an all-reaching, all-powerful e-commerce platform. And for good reason, these platforms allow companies to reach and manage every customer, no matter what channel they’re using to engage with you. It takes a lot of power to manage these relationships, as well as the day-to-day operations that are critical to any retail business.

But what exactly goes into a powerful e-commerce platform? Recently, we’ve teamed up with FitForCommerce to deliver an excellent guide that breaks it all down: From Idea to Doorstep.

Make sure you have the essentials in your e-commerce platform

“According to a recent study, the most important digital initiative for retail professionals worldwide was replatforming their digital commerce platforms.”From Idea to Doorstep, FitForCommerce & Luminos Labs

From Idea to Doorstep has been a great effort to show customers what they really need to be looking for in a comprehensive e-commerce platform. First, the essentials. A powerful platform should have the following systems included or available:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Operations Management Suite (OMS)
  • Product Information Systems (PIM)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

If the options you’re looking at don’t offer access to or support in all of the above areas, then you’re not looking in the right place.

Even if you’re not using one of these features in your platform currently, it’s still useful to have easy access to them in preparation for future developments in your business. The digital landscape is always growing and changing, you need to be prepared. Not sure what some of the above terms are? Check out more of our Digital Insights for more information on each! Again, these are the basics; there are even more support features you can easily include with a strong enough platform.

Insights into the mobile marketplace

Going forward, and in the spirit of reaching out to all customers, you’ll need to embrace the rise of mobile sales as well:

“More than 50% of US retail ecommerce sales will come from a mobile device in 2021.” – From Idea to Doorstep, FitForCommerce & Luminos Labs

Image from Tracy Le Blanc, found on Pexels, source link:

Clearly, this is becoming such a huge revenue channel that it would be ridiculous to ignore. And with mobile phone integrations like Apple and Google Pay rising in popularity, mobile sales will only continue to shine.

However, despite these astonishing facts, there are even more mobile shoppers who look at products on their device, but don’t end up buying anything at all. So where’s the disconnect?

The answer lies in that a sufficiently powerful platform should focus on customer acquisition and engagement too. With more support in this area, you’ll be able to convert more of these prospective shoppers into returning customers.

For more info on all topics above, follow this link to access the full chapter, From Idea to Doorstep: Selling. With this critical new information, you’ll be able to discover and understand how to best equip your company with the most powerful e-commerce platform.

Discover powerful e-commerce platform integration with Luminos Labs

Still not convinced? At Luminos Labs, we’ve helped a number of companies achieve some rather incredible results through the integration of a truly powerful e-commerce platform. Check out our case study with client Living Spaces, a prominent furniture company on the west coast. With the healthy integration of such a platform, you’ll be able to achieve similar results as Living Spaces.

Working with Living Spaces, Luminos was able to:

  • Increase overall site speed
  • Increase conversion rate and organic search acquisition
  • Rebuild front-end templates to facilitate response
  • Restructure site back end to integrate with improved site architecture

Luminos Labs has been a proud partner of Episerver for years, and we’re recognized as the Episerver Partner of the Year. We’re more than confident that we can integrate this powerful platform into your business, exactly the way you need it. If you’re looking to get on board with a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform, we’d love to hear from you. Of course, all initial consultations are free of charge.