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“Let’s Do It, Romania!”

“Let’s Do It, Romania!”

Luminos Labs at “Let’s Do It, Romania!” event. Every year the number of people engaged in this project increases and this time we wanted to get involved. Our philosophy was “Ignoring the problem is not a solution. We appreciate common sense.” because we think that we have to stand up regarding environment problems and raising awareness related to climate changes, and not only.

On 15th of September, after the picture from the beginning, we split in smaller teams to cover a bigger area. Even though it was a big amount of trash that we found, everybody was keen to lend a hand. Yes, didn’t you know that there were around 300 volunteers? How about around 11175 in Cluj county and more than 338 000 in Romania? This made possible to collect around 467 453 trash bags in the whole country.

In our cleaning area were teachers with kids, families, groups from companies and individual volunteers all gathered for the same purpose: to leave the place better. We all wanted to be an example by our behavior and we hope our work was not in vain, because ignoring the problem is not a solution.

I will let here a few testimonials of how the experience was perceived.

Let the words speak for themselves:

Radu V.: It was a great experience to take part in an activity that makes our city cleaner and friendly. Besides the cleaning activity, it was a great way to have fun and discover Luminos Labs spirit and the team outside working hours.

Bogdan C.: “Let’s Do It, Romania!” gave me the opportunity not only to help the environment, but also connect more with my colleagues and other participants.

Adrian C.: I liked the initiative and would like to be part of such activities in the future. Unfortunately, our city is dirtier than we’d like to think. Taking only a few steps off ‘our regular paths’ we find a lot of ‘misplaced’ garbage. I’m glad I could be a part of the solution, part of the group of people who want to make our city, our country, cleaner… I’m glad that so many people wanted to part of this ‘general clean-up’. I hope we can benefit, from many more, such actions in the future.

Mihai B.: Let’s do it Romania started as a fun meaningful Saturday morning for me. It was a good opportunity to try making the world a cleaner place to live in, even though only a tiny amount, while spending some quality time with nice people. I really hope that this activity is more than publicity and people care about the environment. Little by little we need to change the negative impact we have on our planet and focus on keeping it clean every day, not only once a year.

Denisa B.: I felt that this event engaged and empowered people of all ages (literally) to act environmentally minded and I was impressed to see so many participants in a single place. What I liked the most was that all teams I met during the activity were so eager to lend a helping hand and, in the end, we were proud of ourselves. Overall, little individual contributions made a huge difference.

Mircea B.: Thanks to our amazing PDR team and the “Let’s Do It, Romania!” event organizers we had a great experience while cleaning up the area around a beautiful lake. The results were visible as many volunteers helped each other and the community restore the space as it should be. Extra measures must be enforced to keep things as they are now but something like this is a good starting point and hopefully the same program will be applied in other areas.

Alexandra S.: People often ignore the impact of plastic and other non degradable materials upon the environment, so they dispose it as such. It’s nice to have an organization that brings awareness towards plastic usage and the way we dispose it, but at the same time brings people together to help clean the environment. I can only hope that in the future this will take place much more often.

Stefania D.: It was a pleasant and meaningful activity for the weekend. I am happy we had the opportunity to take part in this cleaning initiative and I how that we contributed a little bit to changing some mentalities. Hopefully, we gone one step closer to a cleaner and more friendlier city.

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