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Luminos Labs helps Murdoch’s build a better online customer experience

Luminos Labs helps Murdoch’s build a better online customer experience

Showcase of the Luminos Labs redesign of B2C Digital Commerce for Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply

Luminos Labs helps Murdoch’s build a better online customer experience

Since its founding in 1994, Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply has prided itself on providing quality products and excellent customer service. They maintained their commitment to a comprehensive in-store experience even as they expanded into Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nebraska. But recreating an in-store experience on a digital commerce website presents a unique set of challenges. Thankfully, Murdoch’s knew exactly who to turn to.

No strangers to digital commerce, Murdoch’s launched their first-generation digital commerce website with Episerver in 2013. That move had the desired effect, as it increased revenue and brought more foot traffic to physical locations. But as the everyday shopping experience became more digital, Murdoch’s needed to further modernize their online retail capabilities. With more than 150,000 products available in-store, it was time for the online catalog to reflect this inventory as well.

Overhauling the inventory

The most immediate way to improve Murdoch’s website inventory was to upgrade the distributed order management (DOM) system, integrating it with the existing Episerver Commerce platform. This modernized system would make it easier for both Murdoch’s and their customers.

Older DOMs inherently lack the flexibility required in today’s digital marketplace. As a result, our work required a significant overhaul of the existing systems. The entire order, payment, and inventory data flows had to be redesigned in order to put Murdoch’s full inventory online. The impact was significant. By increasing website inventory by 250%, Murdoch’s was able to provide more choices to their customers. In turn, those customers found more of what they wanted and needed, and organic revenue increased by 20%.

“These critical enhancements would not have been possible without [Luminos Labs],” said Troy Barker, Director of eCommerce. “We consider [Luminos Labs] an extension of our team and will work with them in the future to ensure we are continually working towards the goal of being a modern retailer.”

Making it easier for Murdoch’s customers

Along with the major overhaul of the DOM, we made some minor, but significant, adjustments to complement the new website inventory. By replacing the “add to bucket” button with “add to shopping cart,” we created a more universal checkout experience. Increasing the size of product images on the product detail page made it easier to learn about items. Furthermore, we created a more seamless way to buy several items from a specific brand. All of this went to making life easier for Murdoch’s customers, which goes a long way toward increasing conversion rate.

A continuing partnership

Having worked with Murdoch’s through several iterations of their digital commerce platform, we look forward to helping them as their needs change going forward. For now, the flexibility built into the most recent infrastructure overhaul should provide the tools to create a better online experience.

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