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The latest business security measures for any company

The latest business security measures for any company

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As more businesses delve into the e-commerce space, they’re in need of airtight business security systems more than ever. The way we do business has completely changed over the last two decades. A great number of transactions are handled and recorded digitally. This includes all transaction information, including identity, location, and financial data.

New business security in today’s shared world network

With all this information being shared with imperfect security, it’s good to look at some of the new and exciting ways the world is starting to approach business security. Recently, Hypr, a Manhattan-based startup, has been developing technology to help decentralize user identity. When the user enters their credentials, this authentication step is sent to a mobile device, such as the user’s smartphone. From there, customers can use their unique fingerprint (or a selfie) to complete the authentication process.

Think about it as your phone being the digital key to your car. This new app aims to use a user’s own mobile device to heavily assist with the identity verification process required for these sensitive types of online transactions.

The main problem is that many institutions, particularly financial businesses, have one digital storage location where all user information is kept in one place. This is a fairly risky way to handle business, as it could take just one foul cyber attack to get a hold of all that private data. Remember our previous posts about the blockchain and the importance of decentralizing data? Hypr is on the right track.

The more comprehensive security approach for big data

In the spirit of revolutionizing today’s business security measures, we can’t forget about big data. Blue Coat Systems, an American leader in web security, has just acquired Solera Networks, a prominent big data security company. Blue Coat has made quite the number of acquisitions recently, totaling over $250 million all together. This is a great sign of growth within Blue Coat, and the company’s ambitions for the future of business security back this up.

Blue Coat wants to use Solera’s DeepSea platform, giving them the technological support to record large network traffic data files and monitor them for various security threats. According to Solera’s CEO, this partnership will allow these companies to get even closer to ensuring zero cyber attacks. It also helps them discover more about the nature of a particular cyber attack, if one does manage to prevail. Learning about the enemy is key to creating a successful prevention strategy, so this last point is critical.

Enhanced business security measures in digital commerce

While big data is critical for ensuring security at the macro level, it’s important to recognize all of the businesses and other institutions that make up these high levels of large network traffic. Particularly, an increasing number of businesses are happily embracing the shift to the digital commerce space. As a result, private information about products, employees, and customers move to the digital space.

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That’s a lot of data, and it’s certainly worth protecting. That’s why those entering the digital commerce space for the first time search for a great digital commerce platform that provides a high level of security.

Few platforms can check both boxes, but Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud Service has it all with its comprehensive security preparations. These include extensive delivery network monitoring and defense against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.

More specifically, Episerver uses an antivirus and anti-malware to constantly scan and secure your content for potential breaches. The platform can match the complexity of different threats, as well as protect against attacks on UDP and ICMP protocols. Additionally, the Digital Experience Cloud Service encrypts all in-transit data via HTTPs/TLS.

These are just a few of many amazing digital security features that Episerver offers, so it’s not hard to figure out why so many business owners are switching to the platform for optimal security every day.

Embracing new levels of security at Luminos Labs

At Luminos Labs, we’ve become experts in both digital commerce and the high levels of online security required to back such systems. This is why we are obsessed about today’s latest cybersecurity developments. With devastating cyber attacks happening every few months, embracing this standard of digital security is no longer optional. So, if you’re looking to take the next step in moving your business safely into the digital space, then we’d love to hear from you. Remember that there’s no charge for any initial consultations.

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