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Luminos Labs and Episerver bring Umpqua Bank a powerful digital platform

Luminos Labs and Episerver bring their digital platform to Umpqua Bank, lowering costs, increasing productivity, and providing easy-to-use website tools

Luminos Labs and Episerver bring Umpqua Bank a powerful digital platform

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When Umpqua Bank came to Luminos Labs and Episerver looking to modernize their digital commerce platform, we were happy to help. Founded in 1953 in Canyonville, Oregon, Umpqua Bank has been serving the Pacific Northwest for more than 60 years. Their reach has grown to include California, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada, with assets numbering over $20 billion. But as the bank grew and its reach spread out, so did the need for a modern platform.

A website that was slow to update

The demands of business require an ability to adapt quickly, and as one of the 50 largest banks in the United States, Umpqua understands this. That is why their old e-commerce platform was an issue they could no longer ignore.

In the old system, any changes that Umpqua Bank wanted to make to its website required constant coordination with IT. This created a bottleneck, tying up resources and leading to a website that was slow to adapt. Struggling to meet ever-changing demands, it was difficult to provide a smooth service to their clients. As maintenance costs continued to rise, and the efficiency of their website struggled to keep up, Umpqua Bank turned to Episerver.

A complete platform shift

Some projects require tinkering with a foundation that already exists, while others involve laying out an entirely new one. In order to best help Umpqua Bank, we decided that simply moving everything over to Episerver would involve the least friction and provide the best results. Furthermore, separating website maintenance from IT would help improve functionality as well as reduce costs.

Luminos Labs and Episerver worked with the Umpqua Scrum team, who provided us with the acceptance criteria, estimations, and timelines. With those guidelines in place, our development team was able to successfully shift Umpqua Bank’s website over to Episerver–and do it under budget! On January 13, 2018, the transition was complete.

“Thank you all for your guidance and effort throughout this project; we couldn’t have done it without you!!” – Renee Fegles-Chambers, SVP & Director Enterprise product development/technology advancement group

Luminos Labs and Episerver lead a better way forward

Our primary goal was to reduce Umpqua Bank’s turnaround time. As Episerver’s entire infrastructure is designed to be developer-friendly, this was built into the service. The easy-to-use CMS and management tools allow websites to be updated in minutes instead of days. Multi-platform capability is built-into these tools as well, reducing the need to make redundant webpages for tablets, phones, and any other devices that clients might use.

Luminos Labs and Episerver bring their digital platform to Umpqua Bank, lowering costs, increasing productivity, and providing easy-to-use website tools

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Episerver’s built-in personalization capabilities will allow Umpqua Bank to tailor the online experience to its clients in real time. Moreover, Episerver can handle much of that work on its own, allowing Umpqua Bank to focus directly on its clients. By combining an adaptive website with a personalized experience, Umpqua Bank can bring the welcoming presence of its physical locations to its website.


From its humble beginnings in a small Oregon timber town, Umpqua Bank has become a significant institution on the West Coast. This kind of growth brings with it new challenges, and as Umpqua Bank continues to be successful, scaling its business will require constant attention. Episerver understands this challenge and comes prepared to handle it.

Built-in testing features improve the website on-the-go. Furthermore, machine learning means that Episerver grows as Umpqua Bank does, better understanding its clients over time. As more employees are required on the digital front, Episerver’s built-in collaborative features keep managing websites simple–even in different languages!

Finally, as all of this is hosted on Episerver’s cloud, prohibitive maintenance costs are a thing of the past. Growth doesn’t have to be something to fear.

Looking ahead

Umpqua Bank’s work with Luminos Labs and Episerver helped solve their two biggest issues: reduced productivity and high maintenance costs. In addition, it set them up to avoid these problems in the future. Understanding that the digital space is changing faster than ever, and thus the needs of customers and businesses are changing faster than ever, we hope to continue working with Umpqua Bank.

If your business is interested in the benefits of a digital platform, we would love to hear from you. We can also answer any question you may have about this topic or digital in general. Please contact us, and remember that our consultations come at no cost and with no commitment.

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