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Make sure you avoid these 3 e-commerce mistakes

Make sure you avoid these 3 e-commerce mistakes

It’s difficult to get an online market launched, perfected, and truly successful. This is especially true if you’re a smaller company. Yes, DNVBs exist largely through a great e-commerce platform, but that’s most because their existence largely depends on one.

What DNVBs know is that it’s not about selling a few things online and calling it e-commerce. No, you’ve got to create a completely fluid customer experience, one where the shopper hardly feels like they’re shopping. To reach this goal, make sure you’ve been following our previous tips on e-commerce, but also be wary of 3 e-commerce mistakes that happen far too often.

Don’t make your ads the main attraction

When making a website to sell to customers, you’re probably thinking: get their attention! While this is certainly imperative to engage users in this way, you want to get their attention in the right ways. If your user has trouble finding the search bar because they’re being smacked in the face with ads, then there’s a problem. It’s important to promote your products, but leading your customers to the products is even more important.

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This next note depends on the business, but in general, try not to pick too flashy of colors for your website’s color palette. Yes, these kinds of colors are great at grabbing a user’s attention. However, if these colors are too harsh or too strong, they may become distracting and actually have a negative effect.

The user could get agitated just from looking at your site, and they may switch on the spot. Bounce rate is a thing for a reason. People have a lot of options when it comes to e-commerce, and so it’s easy for them to switch in an instant if something in their buyer’s experience isn’t going right.

Many options good, too many options bad

You definitely want enough product options to justify making an e-commerce website. Having too many options actually isn’t the problem. It’s more about making the customer feel stress-free and empowered during their shopping experience.

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For example, if I’m looking to buy a new pair of running shoes online, I’ll consult a few web sites. For me, something like shoes wouldn’t involve a super long search process, so I would basically be going for the first thing that I agree with. Though, if I can’t find that thing in a matter of minutes, it’s safe to say I’m out. Some may call this impatient, but the reality is I know I can more easily find what I’m looking for on another site.

To test out the effectiveness of your site, try opening a website that sells the same product you do. Next, get a buddy and see how long it takes for each of you to find exactly what you’re looking for. If your site can’t keep up with the other’s pace, then you could be in trouble.

Not fully wrapping your head around the costs

The king of e-commerce mistakes is underestimating the costs. Websites are intangible, so it’s a common misconception that they’re also cheap. This is certainly not the case, maintenance costs alone can add up to $1,500/year!

This doesn’t even take into account the estimated $5,000 you’ll have to pay to set it all up. Of course, these are just the costs for the skeleton of the website. You’ll also need to spend a variable amount on the site’s graphics and meaningful content too.

So many business owners view an e-commerce website as a way to save money. While this could be true in the long-term, it’s definitely not a great short-term bet. These things will take lots of time and money to pay off. This is why it’s extra important to view these kinds of sites as a way to better reach your customers. You’re giving them another channel to do business with you.

Preventing e-commerce mistakes with a flexible platform

At Luminos Labs, we’re looking to prepare businesses for optimal success in their respective e-commerce markets. To do this, we’ve become obsessed with understanding the inner workings of what makes an e-commerce platform truly effective, flexible, and profitable. If you’re looking to take your online business to the next level, while also avoiding more e-commerce mistakes, then we’d love to hear from you.

Remember that there’s no charge for initial consultations, and you can seek us for advice at any time. Additionally, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more e-commerce news and trends!

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