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Luminos Labs at Episerver Ascend 2018

ARIA Resort and Casino, site of Episerver Ascend 2018, featuring platinum sponsor Luminos Labs

Luminos Labs at Episerver Ascend 2018

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Next week, Episerver will be holding its annual Ascend conference, a meeting place for marketers, developers, merchandisers, technologists, and business leaders who use the Episerver and Ektron platforms. This year, we’ll be attending Ascend as platinum sponsors of Episerver. The decision to become a platinum sponsor was a no-brainer, as Episerver is our exclusive digital commerce technology partner. For that reason, we are especially excited for three action-packed days at Ascend 2018, culminating in Episerver Rising, the conference-closing party that we’re also sponsoring.


Held at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Ascend 2018 will be complete with expos, labs, and speakers, as well as the chance to interact with key players in the field of digital commerce.


The following Luminos Labs team members will be representing us in Las Vegas:

  • Radu Munteanu – Founder and CEO
  • Adam Willmouth – Head of Digital Strategy
  • Walter Bloch – Head of PMO
  • Roscoe Rush – Head of Episerver Solutions
  • Matt Damon – Episerver Developer / Tech Lead
  • Jake DiMare – Head of Marketing


The conference starts on Sunday, March 11 for everyone but Jake, who will be leaving on Friday and taking the scenic route on his motorcycle rather than flying into Las Vegas. After getting oriented on Sunday, our booth at the conference will be set up early on Monday morning.

The main events

The real fun starts on Tuesday afternoon. After another expo and a stint at the booth, Jake and Walter will be giving a digital commerce talk titled “Embrace Your Complexity and Deliver a Connected and Coherent Digital Commerce Experience.” It’ll be a chance to share our approach to digital commerce on the Episerver platform, including:

  • Keeping up in the era of accelerating change
  • Designing, implementing, and delivering platforms for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C
  • Adapting your business to the Internet of Things

Once that’s done, the countdown to Episerver Rising begins. Held at the Marquee, we’ll help close out the conference with a night to unwind. Everyone loves a good party–especially after three days of networking, learning, and presenting–and we’re excited to make everyone’s lasting memory of Ascend 2018 a great one.

A job well done

Wednesday morning, Jake will hop back on his bike, everyone else will get on a plane, and the teams will head back to their respective offices, another successful year at Ascend in the books.

Our time at Ascend is our chance to show off what we do, but every day is a chance for us to actually use Episerver to meet the needs of your company. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you increase revenue, cut costs, and improve your customer experience, please feel free to contact us.


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    Thanks for joining us again!

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