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What you need to know about Episerver debuting in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for digital commerce

What you need to know about Episerver debuting in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for digital commerce

Gartner now features Episerver for Digital Commerce and Web Content Management

In March of this year, Gartner added Episerver to the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. So what’s the big deal? With this inclusion, Episerver is now the only fully integrated digital platform featured in both Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Web Content Management and Digital Commerce.

This means the market is recognizing the unique positioning Episerver has established combining 20 years of Web Content Management capabilities and digital commerce technologies to enable the convergence of digital marketing, e-commerce, and technology to exceed what consumers and B2B buyers expect of their favorite brands and business partners.

Episerver delivers the power of combining web content management and e-commerce capabilities within the Episerver platform in several ways. Here are a few of the scenarios Luminos Labs leverages when implementing Episerver CMS & Commerce solutions.

Campaigns & Projects: A Commerce Merchandisers Dream

Having worked with dozens of other enterprise commerce platforms before including Magento, Demandware, Hybris, and Oracle ATG, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges merchandisers face in creating, previewing, and launching holistic site-wide campaigns. Episerver’s latest release includes a feature which allows a single administrator to create, edit, and stage site banners, product content, promotions, and visitor group personalization elements into a single schedulable push-button Publish sequence.

E-commerce Scenario: e-commerce merchandisers are often constrained by resources needed to launch a Seasonal, Category, or Closeout sales campaign. As a result, most merchandisers have lowered expectations to launch campaigns once per month or even once per quarter. With the Campaigns module in Episerver, merchandisers can quickly load a campaign-banner, create an associated promotion, and associate it with a specific visitor group. Furthermore, the administrator can view the entire site in preview mode to ensure brand fidelity and then schedule for launch.

Episerver 8 includes Commerce Campaigns & Projects

Build Pages with CMS & Commerce Elements

Episerver enables non-technical content editors to manage both digital marketing & e-commerce product content within a single administrative user interface. This enables e-commerce marketers and merchandisers to create product detail pages that incorporate rich media and content with the drag of their mouse. This also empowers Digital Marketers to incorporate new product releases into blog content or quickly swap out featured products in site-wide or home-page banners.

E-commerce Scenario: Loading and publishing site-wide or category specific banners with deep Product Detail Page linking is simple using EPiServer’s Page Blocks component.

Leverage Digital Marketing & Commerce content within one Page

Leverage CMS Strength of Personalization in the Context of E-commerce Scenarios:

Episerver’s well establish Visitor Group component allows Digital Marketers to display different content from one page to visitors groups that are dynamically created or set explicitly by an administrator. Marketers can use criteria such as session data, referring URL, or attributes from external data sources (e.g., Marketing Automation, CRM).

E-commerce Scenario: E-commerce merchandisers can leverage E-commerce attributes in the creation of visitor groups such as ‘Products in Cart.’ Combining these attributes with established content personalization tactics can create a powerful combination. The common scenario our client leverage is personalizing the Home Page for their E-commerce site to display Related Items to the user’s product in-cart.

Personalize Home Page Blocks based on Visitor Group Criteria with Episerver Commerce

In both market positioning and product features, Episerver is presenting a compelling option for digital commerce leaders needed to exceed customer experience expectations. If you are considering or evaluating an investment in digital commerce or Episerver, contact us to discuss Episerver’s debut in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

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