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Burkes Outlet: Mobile optimization is a must have for digital retail

Burkes Outlet Storefront

Burkes Outlet: Mobile optimization is a must have for digital retail

When Burkes Outlet, a retail giant in apparel and accessories for the entire family, switched to Episerver in 2014, they had two simple goals. First, they wanted to power their digital commerce with a modern, future-friendly platform. Second, they wanted to streamline and improve their digital customer experience.

In order to accelerate this critical step in their digital transformation, Burkes planned to reuse their existing front-end templates.

While re-platforming solved a lot of their problems, Burkes soon faced several challenges. Page load time was slow, conversions didn’t meet expectations, and there were multiple site maintenance issues. In effect, this created a poor customer experience, so they turned to Luminos Labs.

Cleaning Out the E-commerce Closet

Luminos Labs immediately put its Episerver digital commerce team on the job. In addition to the issues Burkes Outlet had already identified, our team of developers discovered another underlying defect: The front-end experience was not performing correctly due to a problem with the coding behind their legacy templates.

Today, 68% of Americans own smartphones, so mobile optimization is vitally important for any business. Consumers expect to be able to shop on their phones and switch back and forth between multiple devices.

The Burkes Outlet digital commerce experience on web and mobile

The team at Luminos Labs quickly addressed all of the issues brought to them by Burkes Outlet, including improving the site’s mobile experience. Immediately following the changes, Burkes Outlet saw increased conversion rates and mobile revenue.

These upgrades also affected the user experience. With improved mini-cart load times, customers grew less likely to leave products in the cart without finalizing their purchases.

“It was the best decision that we could have made,” says Christy Keesee of Burkes Outlet. “Since partnering with Luminos Labs, their team has just completely knocked out the bug list. They have even found some great things that we could do to enhance the site [and give us] some quick wins.”

– Christy Keesee,

With Luminos Labs handling fundamental issues around maintenance and underline code, the Burkes Outlet team turned their attention to big-picture projects with a direct line to revenue.

By working collaboratively with Luminos Labs Experience Design and Development, Burkes can continue improving their online shopping experience for customers, through enabling additional Episerver Platform features and implementing a new loyalty program for Burkes Outlet.

For more information on the Burkes Outlet digital commerce initiative, please check out this case study on our website. Luminos Labs is a digital commerce solution partner, specializing in technically complex implementations. If you’ve got a commerce problem, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us to speak with a digital commerce expert today.

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