Vertiv Rebrands and Launches a New B2B Website with Single Sign-on, Localization, and Personalized Customer Portals

Columbus, OH
Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing


Emerson Network Power was looking to rebrand Vertiv, a global provider of equipment and services for data centers, and launch a new website. They required the ability to market and sell products in multiple regions and languages, manage and organize product data, and provide personalized content for partners and consultants.

A deeper look,

Leveraging Optimizely as a platform, Vertiv selected Luminos Labs to help drive the CMS/ eCommerce solution development to build a highly improved B2B experience from scratch. Vertiv also implemented BrandMaker Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) during the initial site launch. Vertiv integrated, Eloqua, and Okta Single Sign-On (SSO), to support single sign-on for their partners, consultants, and internal marketing users to create segmented and localized personalization experience for users worldwide.

Single Sign-On

Vertiv utilized a single sign-on login to provide a seamless user experience. A comprehensive integration using Okta single sign-on allowed users to use one set of credentials to have a unified experience. Previously, the website required a separate login and custom backend membership provider for marketing tools and websites. At the same time, the new SSO solution allowed users to access all of these with one unified login.

Partner and Consultant Portal

In conjunction with single sign-on, upon log in returning customers receive a personalized dashboard offering discounts, additional products, information, and tools, dependent on their role (consultants or partners). The internal Vertiv Marketing Team can easily switch user access rights in the Optimizely admin between partner and consultant accounts, allowing for tailored, localized content (e.g., the contact list will be different based on location and country).

Personalized Localization

Vertiv needed a website capable of enhancing the selling experience in six global regions with 18 different languages and provide local experience personalization. The implementation of GeoIP localization allowed users to experience a multi-tier marketplace for language, products, contacts, content, and specific access rights based on the region they were in when they accessed the website. Integration with the language-based services of helped account for the cultural nuances of each language.

Hybrid Web Tool

How do you access a website with no internet connection? During the implementation stage, Vertiv was working on a solar grid in Africa that had limited internet access. To have a working site, they created a Hybrid Web Tool to replicate the functionalities of the site offline. Using Dexie.js, Vertiv could download the website content from the original source, make offline calculations, and create an online experience offline to use for their solar grid project, which would then resync and update when reconnected to the internet.

Partner Collaboration

Vertiv required multiple partners collaborating to guide their digital transformation. Beyond Curious focused on the rebranding strategy and visual design while working hand-in-hand with Luminos Labs concentrating on eCommerce integrations, operations, SSO, and migration. The process of organizing and synching the immense amount of product data was integrated jointly with BrandMaker and Luminos Labs. Detailed communication and documentation with all partners and the Vertiv team enabled the building of a successful website from scratch.

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The Results

Vertiv launched its rebrand on Episerver with enhanced B2B functionality, personalized customer experience based on localization, an integrated PIM and DAM, and a consultant and partner portal. Vertiv was able to use their new website to increase conversions, drastically improve page performance, and decrease customer support calls by focusing on the end customer user experience.


  • BrandMaker
  • Elastic Search
  • Optimizely Content Cloud
  • Optimizely Find
  • GlobalLink Connect by
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Mogul SEO for Optimizely
  • Okta
  • Oracle Service Cloud