Japanese Retailer Needed Fresh Digital Commerce Experience Delivered by Holiday

New York, NY


Uniqlo desired to improve user experience on their US website in order to boost sales and offer more relevant product choices in an intuitive way. Working with a creative agency, they decided to redesign and uplift navigation and product selection for PC and Tablet users. One challenge, in particular, was providing easy access to tablet users through responsive design. The client needed a competent front-end development team that could deliver on the creative vision for the new site that was easy to use, responsive, reliable and which offered the same experience across browsers and devices. The previous version of the site contained several front-end HTML development roadblocks that limited functionality and user experience objectives for tablet and mobile users, including: 1. Un-clickable elements on tablets 2. Lack of optimizations for touch devices. 3. Resize issues or JavaScripts failing to load in various situations.

A deeper look,

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The Results

Luminos Labs Front-End and Quality Assurance (QA) Teams Join Forces

Luminos Labs provided a team of mobile-first experienced front-end developers and quality assurance resources. The team leveraged experience with modular user interface (UI) approaches combined with detailed functional multi-browser testing scenarios to bring the new designs to life without sacrificing design fidelity.

When Luminos Labs began implementing the new design, the focus was to leverage core features from the old implementation but at the same time trim out the code that was unnecessary with the more accessible interface. Some modules were overhauled, others were dropped, new ones were created, everything with modularity and long term maintainability in mind.

For responsiveness, we first targeted the desktop version and together with the client decided how to adapt for larger and smaller screens and eventually tablets.

We moved from a JavaScript first approach to a CSS first approach and gave the power to the browser engine. This improved rendering times and removed lag in tablets, ghostly buttons (buttons which can not be clicked), resize issues, and other various unstable behaviors, helping Uniqlo provide a better overall website experience.