Umpqua Bank implements Optimizely for its multi-platform capabilities, increasing capacity, and productivity

Umpqua Bank
Roseburg, OR


Founded in Oregon in 1953, Umpqua Bank is a staple in the Pacific Northwest, growing to handle more than $20 billion in assets. As their reach extended down the Pacific coast and into Nevada and Idaho, they encountered scalability problems with their website. Internally, ineffective resources caused expensive bottlenecks, and their static website’s limited capabilities struggled to keep up with modern business demands. They were unable to provide the customer experience they desired.

A deeper look,

Leveraging Optimizely as a platform, Umpqua Bank, selected Luminos Labs to help drive the eCommerce solution development and build a highly improved customer experience. They decided to re-platform from Ektron and to completely redesign their website in the process.

Enhanced Search

Umpqua integrated Optimizely Find and Google Maps into the platform to search for branches, using filters to display locations with their schedules. The search is featured throughout the site provides users the ability to search for blocks of loan authors, by location.


Segmented Buyer Journeys

The website CMS split into four different parts (Personal, business, commercial, and wealth) that each has its distinct characteristics. Each theme has its colors and image backgrounds, but uses a common approach to define pages and sections of the website. Landing pages are easily configurable, dynamic, and are easy-to-change. Multi-platform capabilities reduce the need to create redundant web pages for various devices, and each page inherits the parent pages’ configuration while being hosted on a single centralized system.

Decouple Website Maintenance from IT

Implementing the new eCommerce solution allowed Umpqua to remove the roadblocks between website maintenance and IT teams. They restructured the back-end to integrate with the improved site architecture and created a system that would have centralized website editing capabilities, improved SEO, and personalization tools without IT’s assistance. Also, a simplified ability to build and perform QA tests allows for dynamic website maintenance going forward.

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The Results

The digital commerce re-platform was under budget, the new ecosystem resulted in faster turnaround time, and reduced maintenance costs. The Umpqua site has a better customer experience, better functionality, and has the capability to scale. To expand on that success, Umpqua and Luminos Labs applied the same Optimizely framework to build and quickly launch a second website, Umpqua Private Banking. The sites have the same back-end usability features and use the same admin back-end tools for easy management of all sites by the Umpqua team.