Turn5, aftermarket automotive parts specialists, updates eCommerce sites with a mobile-first experience, dynamic products, and improved reliability

Paoli, PA


The USA industry-leading aftermarket automotive parts provider Turn5 had an eCommerce site that wasn’t capable of handling the company’s growth. The website required an improved mobile experience, better QA resources, and because they were entering the Ford F-150 aftermarket parts market, they needed additional dedicated microsites.

A deeper look,

Turn5 was using Optimizely as its existing commerce framework and wanted to update the site to meet their customer's everchanging needs, with a goal to drive a mobile-first development on the Optimizely platform.


Dynamic Products

The new Turn5.com has a completely redesigned user experience and interface. The website showcases a highly complex catalog of products through the custom-developed Product Details Page (PDP), Shopping Cart, Checkout, and My Account. Customers can browse dynamic products based on categories, year generations, grouping, dynamic filters, and customer profiles.

The website back-end has a custom commerce management administration tool for merchandisers and marketers to easily maintain their catalog, products, and marketing assets. Turn5 team members can create new content using a dynamic content and page generator.

Your Current Vehicle Feature

On each website, a customer can select their vehicle and generation, and the site will only display products that work with the customer’s automotive. The eCommerce site also provides custom functionalities for project cars, bolt-on, and build-ups, including custom build lists.

PDP Product Fitment Wizard

The website stores vehicle information in a cookie that works in conjunction with a Product Fitment Wizard on PDPs. On most PDPs, the fitment feature helps inform customers if a specific product fits their car.


PDP Wheels Fitment Wizard

The website also has a wheel and tire fitment wizard to guide users to select the correct tire size based on their vehicle, rim size, and other useful accessories.


Multi-Site Implementation

When the project started, the only website Turn5 had live was turn5.com. Their updated solution now supports a multi-site CMS that allows their customers to shop by other vehicles or generations. A website was made to launch their new aftermarket product line for the Ford F-150 and have separate sites that share similar CMS pages.


Quality Assurance (QA) Support

A significant issue for Turn5 was the need for QA support. Luminos Labs helped drive QA engineering through consulting, managed testing, test automation, dedicated teams, Agile QA, and DevOps testing. The eCommerce sites now provide full automation of ongoing QA site needs for Cart & Checkout pages.

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The Results

The updated solution immediately allowed Turn5 to improve mobile conversion rates through their mobile-first responsive design. They launched many microsites, including one to help launch their new aftermarket product line for the F-150. The digital commerce system is more reliable due to QA support and automation. Turn5 and Luminos Labs continued their relationship for many years.