New Belgium Brewing Company Introduces Build Your Own Pack

New Belgium Brewing Company
Fort Collins, CO & Asheville, NC


Back in 1988, New Belgium Brewing Company was invented by its two co-founders with a dream to bring delicious Belgium beer to their hometown. Throughout the years, they have become experts in brewing all different sorts of beers in both Colorado and North Carolina. Over time, they started offering their delicious brews online through their website, which eventually led to creating a loyalty program as well, which is what is now known as the Cellar Club. The Cellar Club is an exclusive membership of which lovers of New Belgium brews can have benefits such as ordering beer online, and access to new beers before they hit the public.

A deeper look,

The Challenge

Inside of the online shopping experience, New Belgium customers are offered packs of beer which are pre-made on their website. Even though guests can order packs online, they still were not given the freedom to customize these packs by mixing different beers. This sparked something, what if, they thought, we allowed our customers to choose what goes in their packs.

A picture of the New Belgium Brewing website, specifically the Beer tab at the top of the page showing All Beer Cellar Club Direct Shipping

The Platform

Using Optimizely as their platform already in use, we worked alongside the New Belgium team to ensure the entire website stayed cohesive and on brand.  

New Belgium Brewing website on the Build Your Own tab image says Direct to your Door Build your Own Limited releases you won't find anywhere else. We ship in reusable containers that replaces cardboard waste and protect your beer all prices include shipping. Let's go Shopping! Where do you want to ship? select state what do you want to order? bottles cans


Now when New Belgium customers log in to order their favorite beer, they will already be aware of any state regulations their residing state may have so there is zero confusion as to how much alcohol they can order.  

Then, after being logged in and heading to the new Build Your Own Pack area of the website, they are presented with a grid-like structure that allows guests to add and subtract whatever beer they would like while building their pack. The grid structure gives customers the option to easily interchange whatever beers they would like, without having to add anything to their cart before they are finished with their pack.

The grid also allows for the pricing of the pack to stay consistent, instead of the price of each individual beer being added to the cart and then configured before checking out. It cuts out any confusion on pricing.

The next step of the build your own pack it says Singles Foeder Kura 750ML 30th Anniversary 750ML LaFolie Fernandito 750 ML Action Reaction 750 ML Build your box
No items found.

The Results

The Results

New Belgium’s customers are now given an aspect of personalization as if they are standing in a store picking out their favorite beers, all from the comfort of wherever they have access to internet.  

Cheers to that!