Living Spaces improves their Product Catalog with an Integrated PIM

Living Spaces
La Mirada, California
Furniture and Home Goods


Living Spaces, a California-based furniture retailer, needed to replace its eCommerce platform as it was struggling to keep up with the demands of its customers and staff. The custom-built website wasn’t optimized for mobile or tablet devices because of its dated front-end, leading to inefficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The older technology forced all staff to be reliant on IT for any website changes, which made the internal teams slower, resulting in a stall in revenue growth.

"It was an awesome effort by the whole development and e-commerce teams. We had a great cutover plan and almost hit it to the minute.”
Pete Franco, Director of eCommerce at Living Spaces

A deeper look,

Living Spaces decided on a phased approach to address the most significant business problems, launch fast, and iterate afterward. This approach allowed them to quickly get their eCommerce website live, use analytics instead of guesswork for website optimization, and continuously improve rather than trying to tackle every possible business need at once.

They partnered with Luminos Labs and Optimizely to guide them through the transformation of their digital infrastructure and unite the online and offline experience utilizing one of Living Spaces’ most valuable assets—their storefronts.

Phase 1: Launch a New eCommerce Platform

The first step was to use the Luminosity Optimizely Accelerator to launch quickly and migrate from a home-grown, custom-built eCommerce platform to Optimizely. The accelerator allowed Living Spaces to focus on the integration in the first phase, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to ensure accuracy in orders, and Bloomreach Search to create an enhanced search experience.

One critical business requirement was to have a shared shopping cart between the in-store kiosk and the eCommerce channel. It allowed customers to browse online, go into a store, and pull up the items at a kiosk to locate the furniture that initially interested them.

Living Spaces’ development team worked directly with Luminos Labs to speed up development and learn the platform on the fly. As a result, Living Spaces was able to take over the day-to-day management of the site and allow Luminos Labs to continue focusing on more substantial enhancements.

This targeted approach allowed Living Spaces to launch the new website with no downtime, on budget, and on time.

Phase 2: Enable Internal Teams with Improved Merchandising and Product Information

After launching Optimizely, Living Spaces determined that a more robust Product Information Management (PIM) system would further enable the Marketing and Merchandising teams to provide a better overall customer experience.

Living Spaces selected inRiver PIM and worked with Luminos Labs to customize the PIM for the internal teams. The PIM allowed them to dynamically tag products together as a specific type (like sofa or side table) or product collection. Their internal teams saved time by setting up a portal for their vendors to upload information directly into the PIM, allowing them to spend less time manually updating data and more time-enriching products and strategizing to improve the front-end customer experience.

Winner of PIMpoint Americas 2019 North America Partner/Customer Collaboration of the Year: Living Spaces and Luminos Labs

Phase 3: Launch an Improved Product Configurator

Living Spaces integrated Cylindo to its existing systems to enhance the customer experience with a more engaging and visual product configurator. The products now have real-time pricing updates based on variants (like fabric type, color, or style). Utilizing the data in the PIM, Cylindo pulls in high-resolution imagery and reflects it on the existing website.

Living Spaces was recently ranked as one of the Top 3 Furniture Retailers in eCommerce by Cylindo

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The Results

Living Spaces experienced a 10% lift of in-store revenue immediately after launch

Ongoing Enhancements

Living Spaces can manage their existing solution entirely in-house and continue to work with Luminos Labs on larger projects. They continue to optimize their digital ecosystem to quickly respond to shifting customer expectations and rapidly adjust to changing market conditions.