Jenson USA Increases Conversion and Improves Customer Experience by Re-Platforming to Optimizely

Jenson USA
Riverside, CA
Mountain & Road Biking


Jenson USA, one of the original online bike shops, selling on the internet since 1996, had grown their business by 25% in three years. The eCommerce platform they were using couldn’t support their growth trajectory and was going out of business. On top of this, their current implementation partner couldn’t deliver the improved customer experience or increase conversions to the level they desired.

A deeper look,

Leveraging Optimizely as a platform, Jenson USA selected Luminos Labs to help redesign and re-platform to a new eCommerce solution for an improved customer experience. Jenson USA also implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP) and CommercialWare CWDirect during the site launch.

An on-site discovery took place to strategize Jenson USA’s requirements, system architecture, experience design, implementation, product migration, deployment, and post-deployment support.

A page of the Jenson USA website showing a man on a mountain biking with the words Driven by Passion. North shore born, Love the ride in the center of the screen

Search and Product Landing Pages (PLP) Integration

Jenson USA upgraded its website’s interface with responsive design, capable of handling the vast catalog of products and categories. Users can quickly find desired products through an updated faceted Search and Navigation powered by Elastic Search. Site editors can configure the search to display products by individual facets in the search results and on the product listing page.

Custom Landing Pages

Marketers and merchandisers can use a new custom website editor to build landing pages easily. The landing pages offer additional filters to showcase products from specific categories, filter products in stock, and even exclude particular products or brands.

Products & Variants

A user-friendly, custom internal workflow, allows Jenson USA to manage their catalog of over thirty-thousand SKUs and dozens of product categories with ease and efficiency. They implemented a custom-built attribution and selection feature to help manage various products and variants included on the Jenson USA site (e.g., gear shifters, helmets, t-shirts, tools, etc.). This feature allows their merchandising team to segment each product by type, then choose the desired attributes each type will display. Each product will then automatically reflect the variants based on the product type.

Promotions and Marketing Tools

Optimizely's out-of-the-box capabilities were leveraged to support new promotional features and increase conversions. The new website includes personalization, better product recommendations, retargeting integration, and ratings & reviews. A “Buy Now” button is included on every category page, which has increased conversions. Also, an additional tool was built for the merchandising team to generate coupon codes to automatically add to scheduled email marketing campaigns.

Redesigned Checkout

The new website includes an improved-path-to-purchase with Jenson USA’s redesigned checkout. The additional functionality provides customers with the ability to save items for purchase later, request a price match from the site, and use gift cards.


A massive challenge was the multiple system integrations required for the existing digital ecosystem. Both the eCommerce platform and ERP were new systems and were built from the ground up. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the ERP system required developing a custom connector that would enable collaboration, and the ability to test all integration flows and required configurations. In addition to the many other integration requirements, Jenson USA also integrated Optimizely with CommercialWare CWDirect for Operations / AX7.

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The Results

Jenson USA had a speedy and successful implementation, going live before the expected launch date (5 months). As a result of improvements to the overall customer experience, Jenson USA has seen lift across many business-critical metrics, including:

  • Increased conversion
  • Improved page performance
  • Decreased customer support calls

The new solution allowed Jenson USA to upgrade their eCommerce system to meet its modern-day customer’s expectations and scale with them.

Technical Integrations

  • Adroll
  • Affirm
  • BloomReach (Organic and Search)
  • Cayan
  • Chase Paymentech (Payment Gateway)
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • CWDirect (Oracle)
  • Dynamic Image Resizer
  • Elastic Search
  • ERP
  • Dynamics D365 for Finance and Operations
  • Google Tag Manager (Managing Vendors Tags)
  • Image Resizer (Image Optimization)
  • MerchantAdvantage (Products Feeds Platform)
  • MS Dynamics 365
  • Nanorep
  • PayPal (Payment Gateway)
  • PayPal Express
  • Riskified (Fraud detection)
  • Sharepoint
  • TurnTo (Products Q&A and Ratings/Reviews)