High Concrete constructs a Portfolio site on Optimizely to elevate their Customer Experience

High Concrete
Pennsylvania, US
Structural & Precast Concrete Buildings


As one of the countries largest producers of structural and precast concrete, High Concrete was looking for a way to market the advantages of using concrete as a building material to multiple target audiences. They needed to prove to Architects that concrete could be a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing material. For Engineers, they had to ensure them that precast concrete could bear the loads required of large buildings. Finally for the owners, they had to prove that precast concrete was a cost effective option that cuts down the timeline from foundation to functional building.

A deeper look,

Relaunch Based on Refreshed Brand

High Concrete completely rebuilt their web experience driven by Optimizely based on a refreshed brand identity. Their new site catered information relevant to the user's needs based on their persona. For example, Architects had access to a wide portfolio of High Concrete Projects to browse with galleries of inspirational imagery and associated awards. Users could search projects based on specific styles of architecture, or simply the color of the building.

From left to right, the picture says "Projects" then underneath, Building Type, Precast System, Building Color then with a drop down of Gray, White, Pigment, Tan, Black, then Building Finish, Location
Filter Projects by Building Type, Finish, and Color

Empower the Sales and Marketing Teams

We conducted multiple exercises to help High Concrete simplify and modernize their information architecture and navigational structure. A key component of this project was to enable the Marketing team to make changes to the website without reliance on any developers or IT team. High Concrete Marketers are able to leverage multiple tools to better understand their customer and interact with them on a 1:1 level. A persistent call to action drives conversions based on geolocation, meaning a qualified lead in a sale's rep's territory would always make it to the right person.

Image says Take Your Project Higher. Have a question? Need assistance with how precast can meet your needs? That's what we are here for. Fill out this form to provide our team with a few details about your project and we will get back to you. On the right side of the picture is a form to fill out.
Persistent Calls to Action on Every Page

Leverage Marketing Assets in New Ways

To help bring  their projects to life, we implemented tools such as calculators and 3D model viewers to give users the ability to make informed decisions when picking their building material. Furthermore, we integrated Hubspot for High Concrete to capture user activity and intelligently adjust their marketing messaging to fit.

On the left of the picture is text that says Precast Concrete Model The 3D model showcases the innovative design of the 1200 Intrepid architectural precast concrete panels. Utilizing a 3D model allows for a closer look at the precast concrete elements along with side the steel structure, floor, and roof of the building. Scroll over the building to view a closer look at this one-of-a-kind architectural marvel. The right of the picture shows a 3D model of a building.
Interactive 3D CAD Model Viewer
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The Results

High Concrete successfully launched their new site with a refreshed brand and inspirational portfolio that better enabled the High Concrete Marketing Team to communicate with their audience, and for the Sales Team to respond to qualified inbound leads.