Coastal Launches Episerver, inRiver, and Tecsys together for their First Digital Commerce Ecosystem

Albany, Oregon
Farm and Ranch Supply

The Challenge

Coastal Farm and Ranch, an outdoor supply retailer, was looking to build their first eCommerce website and provide a better customer experience. Without a digital commerce ecosystem, they had inventory management, order fulfillment, and order/data flow issues, which with their dated ERP, presented integration challenges.

The Solution

After evaluating multiple platforms, Coastal Farm and Ranch selected Episerver for Content Management (CMS) and Digital Commerce Experience Platform (DXP), inRiver for Product Information Management (PIM), and Tecsys as their Distributed Order Management System (DOM/OMS). Luminos Labs was selected to guide, plan, design, and implement the new digital commerce solution.

For the build phase, Coastal Farm and Ranch used the Luminosity Episerver Accelerator and the Luminosity inRiver Connector to accelerate delivery and time-to-market while including parallel development tracks to stabilize all platforms before the solution launch.


Buy Online Pick Up In-Store

The website allows customers to buy their items online and pick them up at their local store when it’s convenient for them. A combined cart pickup and shipping system provide the user choice of shipping delivery or fulfillment from retail store locations.

Search and Personalization

Customers can use a faceted search that pre-populates with product and content recommendations. Coastal Farm and Ranch takes advantage of a key differentiator within Episerver by utilizing a tagging architecture for content that allows for content and products to live side-by-side.

Live Chat

A live chat supervision feature allows Coastal Farm and Ranch to have conversations directly with customers from the site to enable the high-touch customer service experience that differentiates the Coastal experience.

Integration Hub and Message Broker

Coastal Farm and Ranch implemented an integrated solution using Luminos Labs’ Integration Hub as its core module. This architecture promotes true decoupling between their current systems, enables rapid deployments with minimal friction to other systems, and better control on throughput and scalability of the overall solution.

The Message Broker is used to publish and consume system messages to reduce the dependency of file-based data feeds from the backend ERP. It also implements a load-leveling mechanism to handle the various API throughput rates to distribute processing of products, price, inventory, and order data across systems.

Multi-Platform Digital Commerce

It was critical to have all the core platforms integrated (Episerver, inRiver, Tecsys, Epicor) to create a seamless workflow for internal users and an engaging experience for end customers.

The Luminosity inRiver Connector integrated the PIM by using historical industry data to develop the base model. As more vendor product data comes in, the model is continuously adjusted.

All systems launched simultaneously, including the integration with the existing Epicor Eagle ERP system (on-premise), because of strong communication and coordination with different teams and vendors to implement the many integration flows and data transfers using scalable enterprise architecture.

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The Results

Within ten months, Coastal Farm and Ranch launched a seamlessly integrated multi-platform digital commerce ecosystem (Commerce, CMS, ERP, PIM, and DOM/OMS) with close partner collaboration with the Luminos Labs team.

The new solution allowed Coastal Farm and Ranch to launch a first-generation eCommerce system that met the expectations of a modern-day customer and will scale with them.

Technical Integrations

  • Address Validation: AddressDoctor​
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
  • CDN: Cloudflare
  • Customer Support: LivePerson
  • Image Resizing and Optimization: Dynamic Image Resizer​
  • Email: Episerver Campaign
  • ERP: Epicor Eagle
  • Maps: Google Maps
  • OMS: Tecsys
  • PIM/DAM: inRiver
  • Payment: Payeezy
  • Personalization: Episerver Perform, Episerver Advance
  • Search: Episerver Find
  • Shipping: UPS​
  • Tax: Avalara

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