Cleaner’s Supply Reinvents itself on Optimizely with Enhanced Search, Pricing, Catalog and Product Specifications

Cleaner's Supply
New York
Dry Cleaning Supply Provider


Cleaner’s Supply, one of the largest dry-cleaning supply distributors, was looking to replace their homegrown eCommerce solution to an enterprise platform and digital ecosystem that would grow with them. They had many complex requirements, shared products, and a variety of customer needs.

A deeper look,

Cleaner’s Supply decided on an approach to address the most significant business problems - launch fast, iterate afterward. This approach allowed them to get their Canadian eCommerce website live and then continuously improve rather than trying to tackle every possible business need at once.

They partnered with Luminos Labs and Optimizely to guide them as their software solution and vendor.



A custom solution leveraging Optimizely Personalized Find allows customers to overcome search challenges. When a customer selects a specific product or SKU, it redirects them to the product detail page rather than the search results page. A custom administration tool allows Cleaner’s Supply to easily map specific search keywords/phrases to redirect a URL.


  • Customer Pricing/Contract Pricing –  Custom prices can be set for individual customers and roles based on customer ID.
  • Family Price Group – If a customer adds multiple items with the same family price group to their cart, a discounted price may extend to a specific group’s products. The family price group can be set up on a variation level.
  • Volume Pricing – Customers receive discounts for large quantity purchases and order limits by the number of available products.

Classified Advertising

Logged in users can create classified advertisements for their companies and products on the Cleaner’s Supply website. A visitor can also select a classified page from the listing page and send an email directly to the seller from the site.

Specific Products and Catalog

  • Customer-Specific Products – Cleaner’s Supply can import and restrict products on a client level based on their Customer ID. The specific products, together with the shared ones, are available for each client on PLP, PDP, and Quick Order pages.
  • Site-Specific Catalog – Cleaner’s Supply can import and restrict catalogs on a site level. Each site has a list of specific products available.


  • Product Recommendation – Product pages deliver personalized and related product recommendations leveraged by Optimizely Personalization.
  • Retargeting – The website displays and features previously bought items to customers who log into the website

Custom Print Products  

Cleaner’s Supply has some products that can be customized to include branding. A solution was implemented to:

  • Upload an image/logo/artwork to print on the custom product
  • Edit the image size, font type, and ink color through an editor
  • Provide a proof document and/or ship a copy of the final customized product design

Quick Order

Customers can add products to their cart by entering the model number and quantity for a faster buying experience. Users are not required to visit the product page when placing a re-order and can upload a list of products if necessary.

Estimated Delivery

The site provides an estimated delivery calculation based on:

  • User location (geolocation and default shipping address)
  • Lead time (shipping prep)
  • Estimated shipping days for each shipping method
  • Warehouse closing time and time zone
  • Calendar events (a custom administration tool where Cleaner’s Supply can set up public or company-specific holidays)

Reviews Engine

The Luminosity Reviews app was implemented, so Cleaner’s Supply could easily manage and moderate their customers’ product reviews, questions and answers, and comments.

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The Results

The Cleaner’s Supply eCommerce platform allows easy upgrades and upgraded with enhanced functionality, an intuitive user experience, has the ability to scale out to other brands, and has provided significant user growth.

  • March 2018 – Project development started
  • December 2018 – Cleaner’s Supply Canada launched
  • February 2019 – Cleaner’s Supply USA launched

Technical Integrations

  • Address Validation: Smarty Streets​
  • Advertising: Google AdWords
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Chat: LivePerson
  • Digital Asset Management: Dynamic Image Resizer​
  • Forms: Optimizely Forms
  • ERP: Infor
  • Payment: AuricVault
  • Personalization: Optimizely Personalization
  • Search: Optimizely Find
  • Shipping: UPS​, Purolator